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Mark of the Mississippians is the incredible story of early Indian cultures that lived in what is now the United States over a millennium ago. Not many know much about what it is was like then because the ancient people left no written record. 


It’s sad to say, but there’s very little in textbooks about these early people and most of what they left behind is not on view, but hidden deep within 22 major museum vaults around the world. But hey, anyone who can swipe can now examine these ancient artifacts all together in one compact digital space. Hundreds of objects appear right before your eyes and in such great detail they actually seem real.

Listen to the experts!

Our team has interviewed fifteen of the top archaeologists whose work is unlocking the key to prehistoric America!  These scholars explain what is known and how they know it, and fill you in on the latest theories and ongoing research. With a Wi-Fi connection, over 60 two-to-three-minute video interviews can be viewed right on your e- book's pages – no toggling back and forth. No Wi-Fi? No problem! Access these same videos on our complementary streaming media site with any computer, laptop, or smartphone. 

Mini-movies illustrate the workings of an ancient sun calendar, how earthen mounds are aligned with the solstices and equinoxes, and why landscapes were designed according to the cosmos -- and more.

We’ve also added beautiful murals from a number of major museums that depict detailed scenes of what it must have been like long ago, interactive galleries with historic photos and timelines, 3D graphics and informative popups that redefine the learning process.

Pink Mississippian arrow points are sprinkled throughout the pages and when touched, open Internet data right on your pages. Readers can expand their knowledge with scholarly articles and papers or learn more about archaeological associations or museum collections.

Ready to explore? Let's  begin the journey!

November 7
Cahokia Mounds Museum Society
Production Resource, Inc.
Grades 10-14