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All readers interested in illustrated literature, from middle school to young adult to the old and venerable, read and witness: An unwelcome guest appears as Mark Twain is preparing to host his dear Aunt Mary’s annual visit. Straightaway the guest begins exposing and attacking Mr. Twain’s character. But Mr. Twain isn’t about to put up with being shamed by the likes of this scaly intruder, so he enters what will become an all-out contest of wits and insults. Follow the battle royal as it plays out and see it displayed in all its wild aspects through the wickedly original minds-eye of illustrator Marc Johnson- Pencook. You’ll be glad you grabbed a front row seat.

Barely touched by author Jerome Tiller's light and respectful editing except to accommodate illustrations, this adaptation of Twain's classic story will introduce middle school readers to Mark Twain, America's greatest humorist. But this adapted classic, like all the books in the Adapted Classics collection, is not only for middle school readers. This one will also entertain all young adult readers and every reader who enjoys irreverently humorous classic stories with fine art illustrations. 

For the Adapted Classics collection, Jerome Tiller chooses the best short-form literature – like this classic short story told by renowned author Mark Twain – and modernizes the language while adapting the stories to blend with Marc Johnson-Pencook's imaginative, fine art illustrations that rival any rendered in the golden era of illustration. End result – illustrated literature tailored for a range of modern readers, from middle school to young adult to mid-life and beyond! This is illustrated classic literature at its finest, for one and for all!

Young Adult
May 31
ArtWrite Productions
Jerome Tiller

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