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All readers interested in illustrated literature, from middle school to young adult to the old and venerable, read, witness, and analyze: Eve & Adam view the wonder of God’s creation differently. But weren’t they supposed to live in harmony? Doesn’t Eve meddle in Adam’s business? Isn’t Adam too self-absorbed? Is nature too full of wonder for Eve, or are Adam’s priorities out of whack? Mark Twain’s tender take on creation and gender roles will amuse you while you decide what Mr. Twain gets right and what he gets wrong!

 And yet another wonder of creation, this indisputably right? Marc Johnson-Pencook’s illustrations! His neo-classic, pen-and-ink illustration capture new creation straight on, no frills, as if directly through the mind's eye of iconic American author Mark Twain. Marc's illustrations inspired author Jerome Tiller to bring two, separate Twain stories seamlessly together via light and respectful editing. Working together they have made this adaptation a great introduction for middle school readers to Mark Twain, one of America's greatest authors.

But this adapted classic, like all the books in the Adapted Classics collection, is not only for middle school readers. It will also entertain all young adult readers and every reader who enjoys Twain's humorous stories, but now with the added bonus of Marc Johnson-Pencook's fine art illustrations interpreting Twain's muse. His illustrations rival any that were rendered in the golden era of illustration! The end result of all books in the Adapted Classics collection? Illustrated literature tailored for a range of modern readers, from middle school to young adult to mid-life and beyond! This is illustrated classic literature at its finest, for one and for all!

Young Adult
May 31
ArtWrite Productions
Jerome Tiller
Grades 6-12

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