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Trading is challenging for most people especially beginners because they simply don't have information, tools or confidence to become successful. This book is important for beginners because it tells it like it is and gives an inside look at trading the financial markets giving you the reality on what the live market is really like, the way they are really run and tells you who runs them and what you need to do as a self-directed beginner to survive in them.

Let's face it, it's a well-known fact that 97% of brand new self-directed investors and traders fail and lose all of their money because they cannot see the turn in price, why does this happen? It happens because brand new self-directed traders enter into this business without the proper training and tools for them to compete against the best traders in the world and a bunch of misguided grandiose ideas of making a million dollars from trading and while you can surely make millions of dollars from trading you would need to be using hundreds of millions of dollars of capital to do so, no joke.

As a brand new self-directed trader you have no idea of the brutality and volatility that goes on in the live markets on a daily basis and that there are people in the live markets who will walk over dead bodies to get paid so make no mistake as a beginner and think you can go in the live market and beat them, you can't. What you can do though is properly prepare yourself to see turns in price action with a high degree of certainty.

Once you have completed reading this entire book you will be have an idea of what you need to do to see turns in price and have a chance at competing with the best professional traders on the planet not to mention the machines. The information in this book will put you on the fast track to being able to make an unlimited income for yourself and becoming consistently profitable enough from trading the financial markets to perhaps even making a living from doing it, isn't that the type of business you would like to be in?

Business & Personal Finance
July 15
J. Geruto
Draft2Digital, LLC

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