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Marketing Your Massage Business is a manual of very practical ideas for building business and increasing clientele. Written by a successful massage therapist for other dedicated massage therapists who seek success in the profession, this work is a distillation of years of experience with the marketing aspects of developing and sustaining a successful independent massage practice.

When Laura Lander graduated from massage school in 1997, she, like many other newly licensed massage therapists, had next to no experience in operating and marketing a small business. She knew that in order to succeed, she had to research those subjects over and above what she had learned in massage school. She invested time, money and effort in taking marketing seminars geared to small businesses and participating in various networking groups. What new ideas she learned she tried, and what worked well she tracked and documented.

After some years, when a newly-graduated massage therapist approached her for helpful ideas in starting up her own practice, Laura shared what she had learned. When she saw that therapist’s business begin to grow as steadily and surely as she had watched her own, she realized that her methods had some merit. She also realized that there were many more new therapists in the same situation who could benefit from this information. So she collected it all into a manual, and that is how Marketing Your Massage Business evolved.

Topics addressed include what it truly means to market your services, the vital importance of self-care, how having a healthy relationship with money will affect your profits, discerning your vision and detailing your mission. Realistic expectations about the length of time involved in establishing a full time practice are discussed. Practical advice is given about setting prices, fostering good customer relations, external and internal marketing, generating referrals and attracting repeat business.

Laura’s personal belief in the efficacy of massage as contributing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the recipient is what inspires her dedication to her work with her own clients and compels her to share what she has learned with other therapists.

Free examples of a variety of marketing materials developed and used by the author are made available to readers of her manual at her author website.

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