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When Gene Stallings came to Texas A & M in December of 1964, there were a lot of players that were just eating their way through school.

Dude McLean Class of 1965


When we went through spring workouts in 1965 there were a few turds that should not have been out there and we would hit them hard and try to run them off.

John Nilson Class of 1966


After the first game under Coach Stallings in 1965 against LSU ..

We ran over 100 wind sprints of around 100 yards each and this killed our legs for the rest of the season. Ronnie Lindsey Class of 1967

We ran 100yard dashes for over an hour on Monday and people were falling out and puking on the track and then getting in line to go again. Don Keohn Class of 1967

We ran about 100 or so wind sprints around 100 yards each and my rear end did not catch up with my body for three weeks! Grady Allen Class of 1968


During the PE 317 wrestling and drills I thought to myself, it is not so much that what we are doing, but what we are accomplishing. Tom Murrah Class of 1966


If you associate with a quitter, you will develop the attitude of a quitter! The personal theme of Coach Gene Stallings comes from the Bible; There is nothing better for a man to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good. This also I have seen is form the hand of God. Ecclesiastes 2:24. Gene Stallings Head Coach


When Coach Stallings arrived on campus it was the most impressive year of my life because I was just a dumb country boy and it changed my whole personality. Jerry Nichols Class of 1965

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