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A sheltered existence ripped away. 

Coddled her whole life by her father and older sister, Lily Silverton finds herself the sole standing member of her family—her father dead, her sister barely holding onto life after a gruesome attack. Desperate to save her sister from death, Lily finds a beacon of hope in the rogue man that stumbles upon her in the middle of the night. 

A chance meeting deep in barren woods. 

Garek Harrison has things to do—responsibilities he needs to attend to. Responsibilities that include the need for a good deal of coin. Responsibilities that have nothing to do with the odd woman he meets in the middle of the night, swinging a hammer. But those responsibilities don’t stop him from approaching her. Nor from becoming entangled in the world that threatens to harm her at every turn. 

Fortunes altered. 

Thrust together by fate, neither Garek or Lily can deny their mounting attraction. But when forces combine to tear them apart, fate intervenes once more and Lily and Garek must find the courage to fight their way back to each other. 

The Lords of Fate series continues. Historical romance with strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure.Each is a stand-alone story, and can be read individually in any order.

February 1
AWD Publishing
Kristina Koshiol

Customer Reviews

33net# ,

Marquess of Fortune

A powerful love story that pulls for good to win over evil. My favorite of all & a true winner!

Lisaduhaime ,

To love and be loved

A beautifully written love story but oh so much more. It is a journey filled with love ,loss, enlightenment and redemption. Lily and garret meet by fate. Love ,loose ,grow forgive and then love and be loved. This is one of my favorite books. a very very strong female ,a true gentleman ,the bond of sisterhood and the growth of 2 imperfect wonderful characters. There is so much depth to the plot. You have to read this story. In the end ask yourself Could you forgive Brianna without knowing what transpired in the Abby? If you are not sure than read Brianna's story. Oh!!' You must. Read this book

Lisaduhaime ,

To love and be loved

This book is amazing. It touches your soul. Lily is the strongest woman but at times she doesn't believe it. I am not going to give a summary of the story that would not be fair. You need to read this yourselves ,you need to

see it personally in your minds and feel it in your hearts. Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in forgiveness ? Mostly do you believe in total honest brutal crazy destined love? Marquess of fortune is so well written with many sub plots of twists and turns. I have read this twice and love it more each time. KJ Jackson invites us to feel intense emotion in this story . The big question is can you the reader forgive Brie without knowing what happened in the Abby ? If you have not read The Earl of Destiny
you must. Enjoy this story I guarantee you will love it

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