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That’s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife.

Thirty days in a remote cottage, doing everything he commands. After that, he’ll sign her divorce papers and give her complete ownership of their company.

That’s how long he has to rediscover the man he once was. The Dominant Master he hid when he fell in love with her five years ago. 

She wants the business they built badly enough to go to the cottage for a month. Cut off ties to the world and do his bidding. She can submit to him with her body, but her heart will never yield.

She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to repair their marriage.

She’s wrong.


Separation Games will be released Jan 3rd!


October 25
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Flip City Media Inc.

Customer Reviews

Aras40 ,

Talk about a book hangover!

I had heard so much about this book, but hadn't gotten around to buying it. Then I received a copy in my Romance Reveal subscription box. Why did I wait so long to read it? This was so amazing. While it definitely is not going to be a book for everyone, you should give it a chance, it is so worth it. It is intense and so much different than I expected. I finished it and immediately had to get the second book in the duet. I could not stop thinking about it and processing what I had read. Loved it!

JennHevy ,

Absolutely Incredible

First off I can't review this duet separately, there's just no way. So this is for both Marriage Games and Separation Games. There is a reason they call CD Reiss the "Shakespeare of smut". These books are so beautifully written, you don't even realize how dark, hot and sexy it is; and by the time you do, you're so deep in the story and what the characters are feeling it doesn't even matter. Adam & Diana are the epitome of what it means to do what it takes to save your marriage. But, will it be enough? In the meantime, they'll learn just as much about themselves as they learn about each other. When you start this duet, make sure you have the second book, Separation Games at the ready. I literally read both books in 2 days (I had to take a break for my daughter's H.S graduation). Any quote you read by another author regarding this set is entirely true. I can't recommend it enough. It will break you and put you back together even better than you were before ;).

lmpanthermom ,


I stayed up until 2am this morning because I simply COULD NOT put this down! Christine is an amazing storyteller. That much I discovered much too late, in my opinion. But, better late than never!

I began this book hating Diana. I didn’t agree with her decision and I thought she was being incredibly selfish by not talking to Adam before things progressed to this point. This happens far too often in our society. No one is willing to tell their spouse what is bothering them.

I ended this book loving Diana and hating Adam. She opened herself up to things she never knew she wanted or needed and finally got what she had been craving for so long. He won. He got what he wanted. Then...ugh. That’s it. I’m not giving spoilers. I didn’t peg him for being a coward, but that’s how I see him now.

I now have to go read Separation Games to find out whether or not I can forgive him.😳

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