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In 1994, Dr. Cecilia W. Smith began the Strong Sisters of Strength {SSOS}Ministries Inc. This ministry is a place where women strengthen women through fellowship, prayer, worship, and outreach. The mission is to glorify and honor God through ministering to the emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of women of all ages in different phases of their spiritual journey. SSOS is a safe place to come, sit at the Savior’s feet, be washed in the Word, and be encouraged to apply and walk in the fullness of God. Dr. Cecilia continues to coach and mentor women looking to sustain a healthy marriage. Her sincere prayer is for you to have a successful marriage. Once, you accept the fact that the success or failure of your marriage starts with you, you will be encouraged to take some level of personal responsibility. Once you decide your level of responsibility, she encourages you to decide what you will do to sustain a healthy marriage. You likely do not have all the answers. However, prayer and bible study will help you to stay balanced and connected to the source of all your strength – The God of all Creation.

This book includes the many Marriage Lessons I have Learned. Your greatest revelation will include your marriage journey will always start with you. You can only control your actions. If you do not ask the right relationship questions, you will never get the right answers to sustain a viable marriage. If you have not committed to a relationship with your heavenly Father God, your marriage will be very inconsistent with the blueprint the bible has for all marriages. If you have not yet learned to love yourself, you are likely incapable of truly loving a spouse. Marriage is truly just what you make of it. What you put into your marriage coincides with what you get out of your marriage. Allow This book to potentially reshape how you think about being married.

August 24
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