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The last thing Seth ever expected was to be involved in a marriage of convenience. After all, he's not some trembling Victorian heroine. He's just a guy who loves to surf and spend his days in search of simple pleasures. Life hasn't always been easy for Seth, but he prefers to focus on the future and forget his dark past. But when he spends the night with sexy millionaire Tanner Trenton, their connection is powerful. When the sexy bachelor explains a secret dilemma he has, Seth can't help but feel empathy.

When Tanner picked Seth up for the night, he didn't intend on proposing. But he's oddly drawn to Seth's quiet energy and, most importantly, he's got a deadline to meet; if he doesn't get married by the time he turns thirty, he's out of his inheritance. Unfortunately, he's already twenty-nine and still not ready to get hitched. Seth doesn't want to be tied down any more than Tanner does, so he seems like the perfect person for the job. They can marry but still maintain their independence. Their marriage should be the perfect solution, and it should be smooth sailing, right?

Unfortunately for the new couple, when Tanner's father is murdered on the day of their wedding, things become exponentially complicated. It's hard for Tanner to imagine that his quiet, serene new husband could possibly be connected to his dad's death. But the more he gets to know Seth, the more he realizes he's maybe not the innocent, fun loving guy he assumed he was.

Fiction & Literature
August 13
S.C. Wynne
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

rlamlt ,

Great Mystery!!

After a torrid hookup, Tanner gives Seth an offer that is hard to refuse. If he marries him he will give him 4 million dollars. Tanner needs to get married in three months or he will lose his inheritance. Seth has a past but the money would give him capital for his shop.

A spicy story with a twist. Good blend between mystery and romance. Tanner isn’t the typical rich guy. He is sensitive and sweet. Seth is more than a beach bum. The romance was sweet and the ending was surprising. Super enjoyable!

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