What do you do when your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

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Nobody warns you about the changes that you go through after you meet a Twin Flame. It does not matter if you resist the changes or not. You evolve every day. You feel yourself transforming.

At a certain phase of your journey, you wonder if all the stress of the Twin Flame process is worth it. You feel scared to embrace the changes that come your way.

When you meet your Twin Flame but you are in a relationship or married, your life takes an unexpected turn. It all starts with the new energetic vibration that your Twin Flame triggers within you. Your energetic frequency rises — you feel a positive energetic buzz. This is because you are a single energetic unit with your Twin Flame. Your energy is boosted.

When you meet a Twin Flame, the first changes that happen to you begin with how you feel energetically. It feels like your Twin Flame downloads their energy into you. You merge energetically and the shared energy grows when you progress further during your Twin Flame process.

Life becomes more challenging for the married Twin Flame.

It is easier to stay committed in your marriage than divorce and pursue a reunion with a Twin Flame. It is a leap of faith that you take when you choose your Twin Flame connection over your previous living situation.

When you dive into the process of dissolving your marriage, you also experience deeper fears that arise out of the minute changes that you need to make. For example, you feel afraid of changing your family ties.

You know that if you separate from your husband or wife, you separate from your extended family and friends. You will have to form new ties and relationships. If you invested so much in your previous friendships and relationships, you fear that you might not meet good friends again.

For me, I lost my old friends and my business that I had built with my husband for over five years. I had to allow myself to change. My life turned upside down; It first crashed before it became better.

Life became miserable for me. I was alone with my Twin Flame experiences. I could not tell my friends why I was making all the changes in my life because I was afraid of being judged or scorned upon. I was afraid that I would be judged for choosing my Twin Flame experiences over my previous life.

I did not have a choice. Change became the only constant in my life therefore I had to submit. I was very naive about the nature of the Twin Flame experiences. I trusted divine timing to guide me through all the changes.

Every lesson that I have learned along the Twin Flame journey has been through experiences first. I first learned the lesson and then discovered a solution to my problems.

The physical separation phase has been a test for the feelings for my Twin Flame. I had to dig deeper within myself to know myself — To find inner harmony and happiness.

The Twin Flame experience is not about just romance and roses. If you want to reunite with a Twin Flame to have a harmonious union, you must open your heart fully to embrace the overwhelming changes. You cannot have your Twin Flame in your life if you have obstacles standing in the way.

You have to do the necessary work; physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally to be ready for a happy future.

Is it wise to tell your spouse that you met a Twin Flame?
I do not advise you to discuss the topic of being a Twin Flame with anybody else before you go through the experiences. You will never affirm that you are a Twin Flame except if you have been through some of the changes.

It is also very challenging to make another person understand the Twin Flame experience if he or she has never met a Twin Flame. You sound delusional if you try to explain the phenomenon.

When it comes to telling your spouse or karmic partner, you will sound like you are emotionally cheating on your husband or wife.

More in this simple book.

December 12
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