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This is not your typical love story.

Take an inside peek at an unconventional lifestyle and its impact on a conventional marriage.

Warren and Betsy Talbot were heading for divorce when they had an idea that changed everything: Put the relationship first. That small but revolutionary act paved the way for an even bigger idea: Sell everything and travel the world. 

"When we left on this journey, we thought our biggest discoveries would be in the world around us. But it turns out we had a lot to explore in our own relationship," said coauthor Betsy Talbot.

Find out what dodging an erupting volcano, riding out a Force-12 storm in the icy Drake Passage, and herding goats in the Gobi Desert have taught them about love and communication in this adventurous and revealing memoir. 

Married with Luggage is for fans of the Talbot's adventures together, those who want an inside peek at how another couple makes love work, and people who live (or want to live) a less conventional life without sacrificing their relationships. 

What Others are Saying:
"It's almost as if the reader is packed into the luggage along with the writers, following their progress and coming full-circle to a place where individuals and their dreams are valued as much as the relationship between them.

Anticipate a vigorous examination of journeys, ideals, and lifestyles in a world exploration that helped the authors re-assess themselves, their relationship, and their ultimate goals in life: an inspirational and exciting read indeed! "
~ Midwest Book Review

"An uplifting and romantic story about the evolution of a marriage and the road to finding a happy balance. A true testimony to being in love." ~ New York Times bestselling author, Melissa Foster

"You won't want to miss this book--it has the power to challenge and change the common assumption that over time, relationships inevitably grow less exciting and less passionate." ~Nancy Wasson, author of Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says "I don't love you anymore!"

Travel & Adventure
April 23
ES Scott Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Joel Zaslofsky ,

I have 8 new experiments to try thanks to the Talbots

I normally plod my way through books. A chapter here, a passage there … and a month later I’m done. But I read Warren and Betsy’s fantastic book in two days because I couldn’t *not* read it.

Are you buckling under years’ worth of weight from a stale relationship? Married with Luggage will give you tons of ideas – and the motivation – to revive your former fire. Are you married, have young kids, or rooted in a community like I am and wondering how a lessons from a globe-trotting couple without kids is relevant to you? Man, oh, man! Prepare to have your expectations shattered.

I can’t remember the last time I read something with this kind of vibrant imagery. Warren is an amazing photographer, but I didn’t need a single picture to be able to put myself in the stories with them. It’s rare that you find a couple as transparent, insightful, and downright hilarious as these two.

It’s a massive understatement to say that I’m glad I found Warren and Betsy. They just hit indefinite, “I’ll read anything they write from now on” status with me.

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