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A marriage born of passion and scandal turns into something more from the bestselling author of Marry in Secret.

When a duke denied . . .

The proud and arrogant Duke of Everingham is determined to secure a marriage of convenience with heiress, Lady Georgiana Rutherford. He's the biggest prize on the London marriage mart, pursued by young unmarried ladies and their match-making mamas, as well as married women with a wandering eye. He can have any woman he wants. Or so he thinks. . . 

...Hunts an independent lady . . .

Lady Georgiana Rutherford--irreverent and unconventional--has no plans to marry. Having grown up poor, Lady George has no intention of giving up her fortune to become dependent on the dubious and unreliable goodwill of a man. Especially a man as insufferable as the Duke of Everingham, whose kisses stirs unwelcome and unsettling emotions . . .

...Sparks are sure to fly

The more she defies him, the more the duke wants her, until an argument at a ball spirals into a passionate embrace. Caught in a compromising position, the duke announces their betrothal. George is furious and when gossip claims she deliberately entrapped the duke--when she was the one who was trapped--she marches down the aisle in a scarlet wedding dress. But the unlikely bride and groom may have found love in the most improbable of places--a marriage of convenience.

May 26
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

No faking it ,

The latest “Marry in” not to be missed

I couldn’t wait for my library to get so I bought this now. Why they don’t have Gracie’s books sooner, I don’t know. If this wraps up the series, it does it well. It even has a backstory on the formidable Aunt Agatha and sweetheart of an Aunt Dottie.

This is independent, never wants to marry, George’s story (Georgiana) and features, “the Duke,” the one who was stood up at the alter in Rose’s story. You don’t have to read the previous books to understand this novel (all characters explained well) but it does make it richer.

Oh and in George and the Duke, never have two such different characters fit so well. It’s a very good story. Turns out they have a very small past, as well.

oo4chelle ,

A very good read

I had been anticipating this story for months and it did not disappoint! I love George and Hart together. This was just a lovely, enjoyable read and I wish there were more characters to keep the series going.

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