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This bachelor’s pretend girlfriend just made a shocking discovery—

She’s pregnant!

Although they dated for only a month, Harley O’Hannigan just agreed to be Vince Messina’s plus-one at a Harmony Valley wedding. Big mistake, given her deepening feelings for the tall, dark, unavailable bachelor. And what about Vince’s long-buried family history? Then there’s the growing secret that could transform this pretend relationship into the real thing…

March 1
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Agent$$$$ ,

Fake Fiancé or Not...

Vince hasn't been back to Harmony Valley since he left many years ago. His younger brothers have tried to get him to visit, but he always comes up with an excuse as to why he can't make it home. Joe, Vince's younger brother, is getting married and wants him to be a part of the ceremony. So excuses won't work. Vince decides he may be able to make it through the wedding festivities if he brings someone along.

Harley is a dreamer and an architect. The combination leads her to design structures that aren't necessarily "buildable", but can be entered into contests to gain notarity for her architecture firm. Instead, her boss sells and accepts payment on one of her designs. Upset that she can't come up with a solution, her boss harasses her and won't let her out of her contract. Therefore, she can't work in architecture until her contract is up or she finds a solution for her boss. So Harley works as a tiler on various construction jobs, where she meets Vince. After dating for awhile, Harley dumps Vince.

Vince rescues Harley from her abusive boss, but couldn't salvage her saw. Harley needs the saw to work in order to pay bills. Low on money, she turns to Vince to see if he can fix it. He can't, but makes a deal with her. If she'll be his plus one at his brother's wedding, he'll get her another saw or fix hers. Harley agrees.

I absolutely LOVED this novel as it was different from anything I've ever read. There were so many minor stories, woven together to reveal one complete story, seamlessly. A relatable, compassionate, encouraging, and funny story all combined into one wonderful novel! The surprise twist at the end just made the story even better! I can't wait to read about the rest of Vince's family. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

emilyk52281 ,

Wonderful addition to the Harmony Valley Series!

"Marrying the Wedding Crasher" (Harmony Valley Series Book 11) by Melinda Curtis is a great read. I loved Vince and Harley's story. This story is a wonderful addition to this series, packed with entertaining characters, humor, romance, second chances, and more. I can't wait to see what happens next in Harmony Vallet. I loved catching up with all the residents again. Highly recommend to all fans of romance, second chances, entertaining characters, and series.

Marge_Roberts ,

Always a treat

Returning to Harmony Valley, California, is always a treat. I always look forward to seeing what the elders are up to and how they handle new younger people coming to town. And for those who come back home to visit, they try and get them to stay. They know what improvements need to be made and they are too old to make it happen. Vince Messina has returned from Texas with his week-long date, Harley O’Hannigan, for his brother Joe’s wedding. They had stopped dating, but Vince needed a pretend date, and Harley agreed to go along with it. The life both of them envisioned took a different turn. Neither of them is doing what they wanted to do - obstacles took care of that. The secrets Vince has kept hidden from his family are huge, enough that he left 16 years ago! Honor, pride, trust, belief in oneself, and letting others in is hard to accomplish, but it can be done. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to returning again, as there are others waiting to have their own chance at love. This can be read as a stand alone. [I received this book for free and my opinion is my own.]

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