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"NASA took the images; I took them to the next level and beyond."

A History of Mars, changing the future landscape of humanity.

"And then it miraculously materialized. It appeared sudden, hence unexpected. The view was as stunning as it was instantly perplexing. What showed on the screen marked the end of a quest. Years of doubt about what was perhaps to become his greatest discovery disappeared the moment the picture appeared before him. The relevance of perseverance became evident when the crater site revealed itself in all its jubilant glory. And taking in the scene radiating from the screen invoked a thrilling rush that must have been as exciting as if opening the tomb of Tutankhamen after its discovery, and facing its beyond magnificent sarcophagus; As if seeing the ruins of Machu Picchu appear, up a steep summit in Peru, after reaching the peak of the mountain where this magnificent hidden ancient capital of the Inca Empire revealed itself before the eyes of the baffled explorers; As if suddenly being confronted with the sight of the temples of Angkor Wat after an excruciating expedition through a hellish tropical jungle. "A place impossible to describe with a pen, grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome."

Although NASA had provided the image, F.J had now managed to distill the essence of its pixels.

F.J had managed to do what very few would consider possible, if judging from the looks of the original crater image. The results exceeded his wildest expectations. The funny thing is that the whole exercise seemed to have been executed during an extended hypnotic trance. This state of mind allowed for as much inspiration but above all problem solving abilities as needed to excel and go beyond perceived limitations.

Onwards, F.J proceeded to select and render part of the image for use in a “fly-over” across the crater. However, he found out that converting the image had its limits. To assure that the process didn’t cause any distortions i.e. digital photographic artifacts to emerge during flight, he had to find out how to stay below that breaking point, while trying to cover as much area within the crater as possible.

Eventually, a rendition just below that breaking point was found to be most suitable for the "flight" recordings, using an important part of the source image while maintaining the high definition of the image rendition that had revealed the secrets within the crater - covering about a fifth of the crater's interior.

Within this section however, lie the most impossible thing imaginable: "The Martian Giant”!

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September 5
Freyk Geeris
Freek Geeris