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Martial Arts Business Owners!

Are you tired of juggling your administrative duties with teaching classes, and all the while trying to get new students in your school?

Do you ever wish you could clone yourself, so you could be in two places at once?

Are you having a hard time managing your growing classes (a good problem to have), and wish there was a way you could find some help?

Do you need a system for training, selecting, and hiring staff and assistants for your martial arts school?

I know how you feel! Back when my first martial arts school experienced an enrollment explosion, I had my hands full... but I was stubborn and really wanted to teach all my classes myself.

I really felt like I should be teaching every single class, but the fact was that I needed a system for recruiting, selecting, and training staff and assistants - because there was no way I was going to be able to handle it all myself for very long.

Finally, after I had to shut my school down because I was sick (the first time off I had taken in three years!) I decided that enough was enough, and began developing a system for developing staff and leadership teams in my martial arts school...

Fast forward to the following year - I started taking vacations, taking time off twice a year for the holidays, and cut my teaching responsibilities in half!

And, the best part was that my clients were absolutely satisfied with the fact that I'd "replaced myself" in some of my classes... in fact, they complimented me constantly on the great job our staff was doing.

Now I'm releasing this system to the public. In Martial Arts School Staff and Leadership Team Training: A Martial Arts Business Guide to Staffing and Hiring for Growth and Profit, I've revealed my entire system for recruiting, selecting, and training staff and leadership teams for martial arts school owners.

Any style! Any system! Any school! You can easily adapt and use this system for training and developing your own staff and leadership team. And, not only will you find out how to train them - you'll learn how to train them right so you keep your program quality high!

Here's just some of what you'll discover when you read Martial Arts School Staff and Leadership Team Training:

* What are the three criteria that every leadership team and staff member must have to be qualified for a position in your school? Find out in chapter six...

* When should you hire staff? Find out in chapter 2...

* How many staff members do you need? Find out in chapter 11..

* Just how does a leadership team function? Find out in chapter 9...

* Should you stay active on the floor, or take a more managerial role once you have good staff trained? Find out in chapter 3...

* How much should you pay your staff? Find out in chapter 10...

* What about hiring office staff... do you need them? When do you need them? Find out in chapter 12...

* Revealed... my Eight Rules for Success in hiring and training staff!

* How in the heck do you train them? You'll find out exactly how to do it in chapters 14 through 20...

There's no better feeling than knowing you have a highly trained, highly capable staff and leadership team that "has your back" no matter what. When you read this book you'll finally understand exactly what it takes to develop a world-class staff in your martial arts school. Order your copy today!

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April 7
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