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Unlock the secrets of Martial Arts and Self Defense with this entertaining and insightful guide!
"A must read for all martial arts practitioners and enthusiasts" - Grab Your Copy Now!

- Do you know the best martial art for 'real' street self-defense?
- Or how board breaking really works - and how you can do it?
- Uncover the one self-defense myth that will keep you alive!
- The truth behind martial arts superhumans
- Which is the original martial art?
- The truth about your inner badass
- The surprising reality behind everyone's favorite weapon
- What meditation can really do for you
- The secret 'trick' to Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch
And more!

From Amazon Best Selling Martial Arts Author Phil Pierce, this guide cracks open the secretive techniques and explores why we are fascinated by the unknown and the mysterious.

Whether you train in Karate, Taewkondo, Kung Fu, MMA, Origami or none of these you will find this Kindle Short eye opening and entertaining.

Discover the truth behind the legends - Grab your copy now!

Sports & Outdoors
August 26
Phil Pierce
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Customer Reviews

Parinello ,

Martial arts

A no nonsense guide for those looking to get into the martial arts.

Rick 30 ,

Martial Arts

I 71 yrs now, started studying Karate, about the same time Bruce Lee movies became popular in US.Then 15 yrs at 125lbs, Then small boned, now 10 lbs heavier, studied as You Phil all sorts of Martial abilities, for respect, knowledge, and good health. I've no regrets for my continued study, no formal fights, no street fights, home study till my mid-thirties, then my first Sifu on Basic LongYang style Tai-Chi (personal health reasons) by a Chinese Dr. Another Sifu for Sword, And one last Sifu for Tai Chi Ruler, and Tui-Na Massage. Studied from Hiku to Ninjitsu and Philosophy's, and Histories. All of what you wrote about in your good(free book)" Martial Arts" is very accurate and Wise for the Truth.I Thank you deeply for trying to not spread hype for human fallibility.Lots of books later, I was thinking while reading your book(Martial Arts) that I wish it could have been my first book to read on the subject. Please don't ever change your Title for what ever flack you might have got or may get because of not showing a lot of great posturing's. Your book hits the nail with meditation.RJMPW

g man 75 ,

Defeated my sister

This book helped me defeat my sister I could never she is the master of ,marital arts never go against her

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