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Mask of Evil: Adventures of the Storyteller is a collection of one Novella and four short stories.

Storyteller: Fiery Eyes- Novella
William Blade the Storyteller is from the planet of Story World. He has been sent to planet Earth to save stories in modern society. William uses the powers of the Storyteller to solve crimes on Earth and on planets across all dimensions, time and space. The Wisdom of the Oracle of Story: When all the stories of the world have been told and retold a thousand times, the world will run out of stories. It is then that humanity needs to discover the seeds of story which are everywhere.

Kraken Dawn: The Murdered Merman
“Has a myth been killed?” I ask myself, as I receive news about the death of a Merman. However, in this case it is the death of a merman who was part of an Amusement Park entertainment performance.

Gargoyle Blood: The Aging Gargoyle Virus
Fifteen residents and four of the workers were turned to stone and they were sitting at the dinner table, having had their meals interrupted. I noticed half eaten food on the plates and the residents appeared to be in the process of having their meals when they were turned to stone.

Diamond Deadly: The Diamond of Saphnoroc
The Incan Diamond of Saphnoroc is stolen. The mysterious Storyteller must recover the Diamond of Immortality to its rightful owner.

Quake Myths: The Earthquake Begins
The earth was silent like it always is. We are used to the Earth being a silent witness to the events which happen on it. There was not a sound, not even a whisper. The land started to crack, fissures started to appear. The earthquake had started and the hard earth was cracking like old parchment.

Fiction & Literature
December 4
Warren Brown
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