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A U.S. Secret Service agent handed Bobby Thompson his state ID and motioned to show him the way. The agent had no idea he had just given access to the White House inner sanctum to a serial identity thief, con man and suspected spy. Bobby Thompson, the name he was using at that time, was even a bit surprised at how easy it was to gain entry. Even he was beginning to believe he really was the head of a highly successful foundation to benefit veterans.  He raised millions of dollars which he used to line the pockets of Republican politicians. So what if the money never made it to the intended parties? It had gotten him an invitation to rub elbows with the people with whom he belonged, at least in his own mind.  Master of Deceit is the true crime story of one of the most outrageous criminal chameleons in U.S. History and one of the biggest breaches in White House history.  

Bobby Thompson was born John Donald Cody – a charming, highly intelligent academic who could talk his way into anything.  He graduated from Harvard Law School and assigned to military intelligence where he was given assignments so top-secret military records don't even mention his unit. And he was loaned to a federal agency so classified it could never be named. With his training and access, he could have been an asset. But something changed.

After a dozen years as a military spy, Cody went AWOL. When he resurfaced, he was a seasoned criminal mastermind.  His last fake identity, Bobby Thompson, was his favorite. With this persona, he eluded authorities to a point where many investigators gave up. That is until a dogged team of U.S. Marshals, a Secret Service agent and police detective hunted him down and ultimately helped bring him to justice. Like watching a cinematic movie, Master of Deceit, takes readers through the meanderings of John Donald Cody on the run, his capture and the startling revelation that perhaps some federal officials never wanted him caught.

Meanwhile, the millions he earned have never been found. So where is the money now?

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July 12
Jodi Andes
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