Masterful Leadership

Wisdom They Don't Teach in Business School

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Masterful Leadership:  Wisdom They Don’t Teach in Business School is about character, integrity, and leadership skills that lead to exceptional performance.  The essence of masterful leadership is listening and learning.  Masters of any endeavor listen intently and learn, with practice, to be the very best.  We learn with equal measure from our successes, challenges, and failures.  This book will inspire healthcare leaders who are already good or great to endeavor to be masterful leaders.  Early-, mid-, and late-career healthcare leaders and physician leaders will find this book exceptionally informative.

Quint Studer, Studer Group, describes Masterful Leadership.  “I am so glad I am reading this.  I wish I had written this book.  I am gaining skills and wisdom that will help me be a better leader.  In addition to being a great read, the book is user-friendly.  What a gift your book is to current and future healthcare leaders.”  “Masterful” is the pinnacle of leadership skills, applied so as to achieve exceptional results.  Masterful leaders are not born.  They become masterful with experience and by gaining cumulative wisdom.  They are superb listeners and lifelong learners.  They have character and unshakable integrity. Leadership is personal.  Management theories, elegant organization charts, and well-crafted strategic plans do not guarantee an organization’s success.  Only people, doing their best work, led by the best leaders, guarantee success.  Acquiring the skills and wisdom to be a masterful leader is a lifelong journey.

Masterful Leadership is presented in 50 short, easy to read chapters.  The book is organized into seven sections:  Communication in Leadership, Practicing Leadership, People Leadership, Physicians In Leadership, Values in Leadership, Symbols of Leadership, and The Meaning of Masterful Leadership.  Each chapter highlights the key messages, and most chapters contain a vignette from the authors’ wide experiences to add clarity to the chapter’s message.  Masterful Leadership is a quick read.  In a few short hours, healthcare and physician leaders can apply this book’s wisdom in their own organizations.  This book is packed with timeless leadership skills, values, and wisdom they don’t teach in business school.  All of these skills can be learned and emulated.  That is the beauty of masterful leadership.  It can be practiced and perfected.  Make the journey to become a masterful leader.  Begin with this book.

Authors Michael E. Rindler and Jack H. Mitstifer, MD have over 50 years of experience in leadership and clinical practice.  Their practical, down-to-earth style is much appreciated by readers.  They are accomplished chief executives and highly sought-after advisors.  Their consulting practice, Integrity Hospital Company, advises hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician organizations throughout the country on leadership, strategy, and performance.

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August 6
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Customer Reviews

J Gardner ,

The little things aren't so little after all

Just wish this book had been available when I started my healthcare career 28 years ago. I had to learn the hard way that true leadership is about character, passion, and tenacity. With this book, Rindler and Mitstifer remind both new and accomplished leaders what separates the best from the rest. Well worth two hours of your time to read and a week of introspection.

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