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The journey toward Minimalism can be tricky. This book will help make the journey of learning how to be a minimalist much less difficult – even enjoyable – for you.

Wannabe minimalists often have not only hundreds, if not thousands, of material goods to declutter, but also a plethora of mainstream mindsets that make navigating their way toward voluntary simplicity a rough and rocky path. I wrote this book to ease that navigation process for newbies. I also wrote it to help intermediate Minimalists who want to dive deeper into the journey, to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. The steps and tips are those that my husband and I used to begin the journey toward Minimalism, and the ones we continue to use to remain on the path.

The book begins by briefly addressing what Minimalism truly is (as opposed to what religious minimalist gurus have made many people think it is). It continues by explaining the benefits of becoming a minimalist.

The rest of the book, the bulk of it, describes the steps you need to take in order to master Minimalism; that is, to overcome the insidious materialistic mindset of the modern age and to integrate the philosophy into your soul so completely that it becomes as easy as breathing.

The first step toward simple living is one you likely won’t hear about in any other book on the subject. Then, you will be asked to consider two major paradigm shifts that will completely change the way you look at material goods. The remaining steps are more practical and hands-on, enabling you to take instant action on your desire to join the minimalist movement.

If you are looking at becoming a minimalist, or you have already begun moving toward it but need some encouragement to “fight the good fight,” read this book. It will help.

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April 9
Emily Josephine
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Customer Reviews

Happy Collager! ,

Good read!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am the type of reader who likes to get right into the heart of (the reason why) I chose to read a book. In this case, I skimmed through the first half of this book because a lot of the information was pointless.

It’s a good read for aspiring minimalists.

Travietheyoungsavie ,

The eight steps

The eight steps that are portrayed in this book were very wholesome and relatable. All fall in to an aspect of life that minimalist (and non minimalist) could always learn more about as well as put into practice. The humor made it an easy read compared to other books of topic that I have read. Most notably is the one in one out rule which I have put into effect into my life

Kvng Shawty😎😈💸 ,

Teenage Minimalist

As a high school senior, life is stressful. Point blank. However, since I’m preparing for college, I’ve been trying to live a simpler life so when I get older and have a place of my own I’ll feel free, financially and stress-wise. The book has given me a great place to start my journey to minimal living!

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