Masters of the Demon Realm Damon

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This is a paranormal romance filled with hot explicit sex, strong dominant men and sexy females who know how to hold their own.  It's gritty, confrontational and steam will be coming out of your ears.  If you're looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it.  Enjoy!

This novel is written mainly in British English, with American and slang from both languages.


Damon, the leader of his race was here on earth.  A Prince of the Demon Realm.  A Realm where no humans but those who'd sold their souls existed.  Slaves to   darkness.  The price of entry?  Harm the innocent or ask for a gift.  Something beyond your reach.  Nothing was freely given and everything came at a price.

And far too many did. 

Eternal hell was infinite and overflowing.  His uncle's answer?  Send his second favourite nephew along with his generals to Earth and build an army to stem the tide.  There were too many humans waiting in limbo at his gates and he didn't like it.  He needed someone to make a quick trip and deal with it.

Quick?  Ha!  For over a thousand years, to Damon's continued annoyance, that didn't turn out so well.  There was nothing quick about it.  His generals liked the freedom in the human realm.  Liked how eager the humans were to sell their souls. 

Their houses grew fast and the infighting started.  Old tastes for power, were never far from the surface.  Distrust and greed pitted one against the other.  As the decades increased so did the skirmishes and fighting.  And to the glee of his father, all-out war under the noses of the humans raged.   And as he'd wanted, it stemmed the tide.  For a while....


Clair didn't remember much about that night.  Her gift for sensing things had saved her.  She'd woken up, a voice screaming danger across her mind, the smoke already thick in the house.  Alerting her parents, they'd gone for her sister and she'd followed their instructions and ran to the only place that offered safety from the fire.  The basement, with its 2ft thick walls and steel door. 

Only they'd never come for her.  He had.  She remembered waking to the door being ripped away and he stood magnificently at the top of the stairs.  Fire raged around him and yet, he stood within it, the fire not harming him.  It licked at his body until he wiped the smoke and fire away with his hand.  Then he held it out to her.

Scooting back, she could feel him vibrating in the air.  It was strangely comforting.  He comes, the voice told her as he moved towards her taking a step down, his hand still out.

Coming close, he seemed to hold the fire and smoke off, kneeling and stared at her.  "Come child, I will not harm you and those that did this are dead."   He told her solemnly.  "Your family are gone, but I will protect you now." 

She knew he had not lied.  She could sense it.  Her parents were gone, and she would be safe with him.  She rose and walked towards him.  As she reached the top he picked her up and held her close.  Safe.  She felt safe now.  He stood and turned, and the fire and smoke moved away from him.  Allowing them to pass. 

Clair looked up at the handsome man holding her ever so carefully. 

"Are you the Devil?" she whispered.

He smiled, unconcerned for the fire and smoke raging around them. 

"No child," he told her.  "That would be my uncle."

Fiction & Literature
August 9
Jessie Rose Case
Draft2Digital, LLC

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