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Jilted at the altar!

Doctor Zack Sorensen planned to spend the entire ten-day luxury honeymoon cruise drunk off his ass. Why not? He paid a fortune for the tickets. Non-refundable tickets. If anyone deserved to be drunk for ten days solid it was Zack.

Brian O'Daly - brother of the runaway bride and best man - had no intention of letting his best friend spend the next ten days alone, and most likely drunk, on a ship, with no one to keep him from falling overboard.

But what exactly did one do on an accidental honeymoon? For ten days. To romantic destinations. In one bed… when one is secretly in love with one's best friend.

Brian and Zack are about to find out.

Fiction & Literature
August 23
MJC Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,


Novelist and story-teller … Mercy Celeste … has composed a most unusual relationship between two very close serendipitous male boyhood friends !!!

Serendipity : the faculty for phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for !!!

Zach, getting married tomorrow, to Brian’s younger sister, Ronnie, with the disposition of a rabid cobra. !!! Zach - stood up at the church altar with his bride Ronnie… NO SHOW … !!! … JILTED !!!
A man without love? With a church packed like a sardine can, with over two hundred family, guests and friends? The bride’s brother Brian as his best man, standing beside him !!! Shrugging, Zach posing a question to Brian, “Yah wanna go on a cruise with me?”

Mercy Celeste’s “Match Day” - an arduous heartbreak journey - culminates in serious honest discoveries, acceptance, conscious solutions in their life puzzle !!! Secrets exposed !!! This is a wonderful story with multiple twists as their personal unique relationship as just best friends, evolves, and is resolved !!! A fun-house “honeymoon” amusing “adventurous high-sea crazy cruise” … to enjoy, as two single men share the honeymoon top-deck honeymoon suite !! AS … The Married HONEYMOON Couple !! And reminisce upon an abrupt completion of a crazy “flipped honeymoon cruise”… !!! The total twist in each chapter of romance !!! Can their destiny, together … accomplish … a “match made in heaven” solution … true love … ever after ???

Mercy Celeste has a unique writing style in creating wonderful story protagonists, plots, scenarios, ……… weaving, manipulating words …

…… composing … a charming beautiful love story …

Their story is not over …
Book 2 … “LONG WAY” … extends the Intriguing serendipity web of romance …

GaryinOrinda ,

Didn’t Work for Me

Sorry, 1-star from me. Glad I didn’t purchase the series. It started off good but by chapter 2 was eternally unbelievable. I don’t think this was remotely close to a real fantasy. The portrayal of real-life straight dudes, getting married but letting a best bud take care of his needs for decade or more? Sorry...

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