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One woman. Two warriors. Two worlds. How will she choose? 

Miranda Doyle has spent months in the arms of a mysterious Trion doctor. His hands are skilled at more than just healing, but their casual "friends with benefits" arrangement isn't enough for her. She wants it all, and the Interstellar Brides Program guarantees her not just a mate, but a perfect match.  

Doctor Valck Brax is in love with Miranda, a human female who surrenders to his touch so beautifully. Finally ready to claim her forever, he resigns and returns to her with mating adornments in hand. But he's too late. Miranda is gone, half a universe away and in the arms of a fierce Prillon warrior.  

Captain Trist Treval of Battlegroup Zakar is a cold and cunning fighter. Infamous for his unforgiving nature and calculating ways, war has been his life. Now, with three little words, "you've been matched," everything changes. He'll destroy anything and everyone who tries to take his beautiful new mate from him, including the foolish doctor from Trion who arrives on the battleship claiming she belongs to him.  

She's been matched, but who will she choose as her mate?

July 6
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Customer Reviews

Tcbuck ,

Can a mate fill her heart

An alien romance with plenty of heat. Her body may be satiated but she needs more than that. She wants a mate that puts her first. But when the one male she yearns for doesn’t want a mate can she accept what will happen if she allows the program to chose her mate for her? The story has plenty of hotness and it will also bring the romance as one human female finds out what it is like to have her body and heart dominated by an alien male.

R. Manor ,

Matched And Mated

Matched And Mated - Interstellar Brides 16 - Grace Goodwin

This 16th installment of the series finds us back on Trion where a young woman, Miranda has accompanied her friend Natalie two years ago. During that time Natalie is happily mated and Miranda is engaged in a “friends with benefits”, relationship with Brax. Brax is very dedicated to his position in the war with the hive and has to go on dangerous missions sometimes for weeks at a time. Brax is the answer to all of Miranda’s sexual fantasies other than the fact that she has fallen in love with him and is sure Brax does not want to be mated to her. There are several communication issues and when Miranda decides she’s no longer waiting for a male who will not commit she enters the Brides program.
Miranda is instantly matched to a warrior, Trist,on a battleship and the match is a true one although he is a bit more “vanilla” than Brax. Trist is a Prillion who does not have a second male as yet (his culture has two males so that if something happens to one there is the other to protect their female).
Brax returns home after a mission ready to confess his feelings for Miranda as he realizes he’s been a fool. When he learns she has been matched thru the Interstellar Bride Program to a Prillion Warrior. Brax refuses to let Miranda go and follows her to the Battleship Zakar, to confront her and her match. That’s when things get even more interesting and Miranda, Brax and Trist have to find a way to resolve their love/sex triangle.
This is a fun, hot, stand alone addition to the series that is an enjoyable exciting book with an interesting HEA.

Gallowaygirly ,

Loved the story!

This is a great addition to the series and I absolutely loved it. Miranda becomes an interstellar bride after Brax states he has no time to take a mate and goes on another secret mission. She is matched to Trist, who is a Prillon warrior and Captain, and for the first time she feels totally safe, cherished and loved. Brax realizes his mistake and then his work really starts where he has to prove himself both to Miranda and Trist. The book contains references to the Hive and a few encounters are noted. The Hive plays a part in this series, and piece by piece you learn more about it. This makes for a great read and the sexual interaction between Miranda and her men is crazy hot. I would highly recommend this book and the entire series as a great read because Goodwin does not disappoint with her exceptional writing. She draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very end and then you wish the next book was available.

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