Matching Skirts and Kneepads

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Memorandum A slutty secretary is formally reprimanded for her oversexed behaviour while on the job. The resultant memorandum details her erotic escapades in great detail -- including sex with her various bosses and highly inappropriate and revealing clothing. But all may not be as it seems; what is this office slut really being reprimanded for -- being a slut or being too ambitiously managerial in her sexual exploits? Isle of the Dead In a cyberpunk future, a transgender rock star named Lucrezia Borgia has undergone a procedure called Genetically Operative Doctoring to give her the ultimate in transgenital mojo. Obsessed with the new romantics of death, this rock goddess falls madly in love with a sensually erotic deathrock groupie named Alice whose narcolepsy causes her to "play dead" with every orgasm. Black Lily Lost in the Sahara Desert, an American woman fleeing a traumatic experience finds herself willingly abducted into the harem of a wealthy merchant who leads mythic caravans supplying the flesh pits of Europe with the sought-after euphoriant black lily. But when the man's other wives object to her presence in their marital bed, the merchant has no choice but to consent to the total transformation of his newest acquisition, by feeding her the raw form of the mysterious and mystical drug. Pre-Party At a "pre-party" before a legendary fetish ball, a tribe of San Franciscans get dressed up in their very best latex, and leather, rubber and PVC, high heels and skintight fetishwear. They engage in heated but playful rituals of domination and submission, resulting in a highly social orgy of group sex and cheerful mayhem. Matching Skirt and Kneepads As San Francisco's legendary leather event Folsom Street Fair draws to a close, Madame Iris has her female slave, Tess, dressed up in schoolgirl drag with matching plaid kneepads -- informing her that she'll be giving head before the day is done. She orders a very willing Tess into a semi-public Dominant/submissive oral sex encounter with two hot queer bears. Auparishkata In an ancient kingdom, the son of the sexually debauched king resolves to avoid the erotic temptation and overindulgence that marred his father's reign, and may even have killed his mother. Remaining celibate, he remains unfulfilled and unhappy -- until a lonely Punjabi courtesan masquerades as a eunuch in order to become his bodyservant. Already schooled in sexual indulgence, she teaches the king about "Auparishtaka," the "mouth congress" spoken of in sacred books like the Kama Sutra of Vatsayana. The Punjabi woman's oral sex skills delight the king, and he finds love with her without falling prey to the temptations that ruined his father.

Fiction & Literature
July 26
Little, Brown Book Group
Hachette Digital, Inc.

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