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A bride for the Dwarven King!The first rule when you're a curvy bookworm? Don't assume voices on the other side of a sealed fireplace mean you're being rescued.I thought it was bad when my stepmother bricked me up to lose weight, but that's before I was kidnapped and taken to meet the Dwarven King, Thorin Caerdys. A huge, growly warrior with eyes like tempered steel, Thorin is so powerful and dominant, he makes me feel like the heroine of my favorite romance, adventurous, inquisitive...and worthy of being pleasured. I know I should escape and tell the world of his hidden kingdom, but one touch from his rough, strong hands and one kiss from his sinfully seductive lips and I'm willing to move Heaven and Earth to stay with him and bring my library of erotic adventure novels!He says he's my fated mate and we were destined to be together. He says I was fated to be his queen! And I desperately want to be, but how can I let myself love a man who isn't really a man at all, even if he makes me feel things I never thought to feel outside the pages of a book, and touches me in ways that should be illegal? I want this thing between us to be real, because I'm having a toe-curling good time falling for the man of my dreams--if only his mother wasn't trying to kill me!Too many tropes to shake a stick at, very hot and way over the top. If you're expecting a serious epic, this isn't it. Reader beware! Lots of insta-love goodness and emotional feels. HEA guaranteed.The adventure continues as Jerred fights to bring Deidra to Dwarfholme in Dwarven Gold Book 2: Tempted by the Dwarven Earl. Little does he know, fate has ways to bring two mates together, even if one is a Dwarven Lord and the other is a Regency Miss! As the buildup to war continues in the background, all Flint Albridge wants is to lay low and keep his people safe. He doesn't need a human mate complicating things! Or the friend he never knew he Dwarven Gold Book 3: Seduced by the Dwarven Duke. Jaden Antida doesn't like humans. Determined to blow up the hidden entrance to Dwarfholme he discovers his fated mate is Maggie, writer of the infamous Lady Julia books, and they're trapped! In Dwarven Gold Book 4: Taken by the Dwarven General!

January 28
Jaci Chandler
Draft2Digital, LLC

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