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Relationship formation is a basic human drive, one that can lead to happiness, a sense of well-being, and even serve as a buffer against stress. While there are several articles and smartphone apps which offer suggestions of questions you can pose to your loved one, few contain questions rooted in relationship science. MateMatch provides you with 14 questions to help you tackle some difficult topics with the hope of getting to know your significant other better. Take the time to answer these honestly. In addition, you will also be provided with the background research relating to each of these topics. The questions presented in this exercise can help couples understand what will and will not be tolerated by one another when in a relationship and will encourage them to have a conversation about both the present and the future. Be open, honest, ready to share, and ready to listen. Good luck!

August 12
Self-Awareness and Bonding Lab
Marisa Cohen

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Dedonla ,

This should be an App!

I loved these questions because they were really well thought out and I think they would make great discussion points. Unlike some of the other products in the App store, I really liked how there was research backing up each and every single question. I think the fact that I can read and find out more information by simply going to the references page and reading the actual research makes this all the more awesome! I know I am reading actual scientific information and not wasting my time with bogus false info! I can’t wait for this to turn into an App of some sort. I think it would really benefit people in relationships or people who are trying to pursue one!