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This technical note describes a simple mathematical-geometrical solution for unifying the four fundamental forces in nature. The fundamental forces of gravitation, electromagnetism, strong force, and the weak force are actually different aspects of the same force. In general, the relationship between the four forces can be described using a form of the equation for Analog Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (Analog-QAM). This equation form is developed utilizing the concept of a “blinking” or discrete physical universe. The approach to develop the solution is described by minimizing the number of available dimensions (zero), which is in contrast to numerous efforts (String theory, M-theory, Quantum gravity) that attempt to maximize the number of dimensions under consideration. An Electrical Universe (EU) model is presented that provides sufficient conditions for a solution. Confirmation of the theory is suggested through small, discrete-time interval measurements of the gravitational acceleration force and the Electromagnetic Force, where they will be seen to vary continuously, and yet also retain a “time-averaged” value. Each reader must comprehend that our universe literally blinks off and on, approximately 1 trillion times every second (1.1 THz).

For those unconvinced that our universe is blinking - please see the related ebook, "The First Periodic Table for Elementary Particles," which provides compelling mathematical evidence.

For more than 2 years, this author has been stalked, harassed, and threatened by US Government agents from the CIA, FBI, and NSA - because of the content of these ebooks. My home has been broken into, repeatedly. My computer, phone, and alarm system have been hacked - including those of my friends and family. It is truly sad and pathetic, these agencies have become criminal organizations.

Science & Nature
November 4
Richard Lighthouse
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