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Billionaire Sutton Mayfair has nothing left to lose...

My best friend is getting married to the woman I love. They say the nice guy finishes last. So what's the point of being a goddamn gentleman?

Maybe I should take what I want.

Even that sexy little thing on the street corner.

She needs a hot meal and a place to sleep. Instead I'm taking her home to soothe the savage beast inside me. I was born a bastard, and for the first time in my life I act like one.

Except the more I use her, the more I need her.

I didn't know I had someone left to lose.

For a single heartbeat, I had her.

March 17
Book Beautiful, LLC
Book Beautiful LLC

Customer Reviews

rlamlt ,


When Sutton sees Ashleigh he decides he needs to help her but falls victim to her charms.

Both characters are beautifully flawed. A great dark romance. Both grow and heal through the book. A great spicy read. The Tanglewood universe is a great world of dark romance. Even though the themes are dark, the story still has points of brightness and healing. A wonderful read!

BellaBean ,

Two stars

Ugh... Heavy buildup and then ends in less than one chapter.

Young_And_Beautiful21 ,

I fell in love with Sutton and Ashleigh and so will you!

I dived right into this MASTERPIECE without having read the Trust Fund Duet to get a background on Sutton Mayfair. I went into this book blind, not knowing the author’s writing style or the character’s past and could not have had a better experience.

Following the engagement of Christopher and Harper, Sutton spirals down, drowning himself in alcohol, pity, and heartache. He puts on a facade so that his troubles are masked from outsiders and keeps all the hurt pent up inside. Ashleigh sees past his guard, helping him in his vulnerable moments and making Sutton feel things he never thought he’d feel for another person.

Ashleigh has gone through a traumatic experience that has left her on the streets selling her body for survival. There is so much sympathy that I felt for her because she is an incredible soul trying to live to see the next day. With the help of her friend Ky, she is learning the ropes to making money and how to handle herself while working, but nothing could prepare her for Sutton Mayfair.

Sutton and Ashleigh’s relationship is truly heart-wrenching and beautiful: Sky Warren could not have written a better match for Sutton. They’ve had bad experiences that have left them untrusting and broken, but equally aid each other in overcoming and healing. There is love, loss, longing, healing and freeing in Mating Theory that makes Sutton and Ashleigh’s story so beautifully unique.

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