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In a world renowned even within a galaxy full of wonders, a crime within a war. For one brother it means a desperate flight, and a search for the one -- maybe two -- people who could clear his name. For his brother it means a life lived under constant threat of treachery and murder. And for their sister, even without knowing the full truth, it means returning to a place she'd thought abandoned forever.

Only the sister is not what she once was; Djan Seriy Anaplian has changed almost beyond recognition to become an agent of the Culture's Special Circumstances section, charged with high-level interference in civilizations throughout the greater galaxy.

Concealing her new identity -- and her particular set of abilities -- might be a dangerous strategy, however. In the world to which Anaplian returns, nothing is quite as it seems; and determining the appropriate level of interference in someone else's war is never a simple matter.

Matter is a novel of dazzling wit and serious purpose. An extraordinary feat of storytelling and breathtaking invention on a grand scale, it is a tour de force from a writer who has turned science fiction on its head.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 10
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Chris Wiedemans ,

The culture

In a world of super intelligent machines - unimaginably powerful - bent towards human happiness, simple humans, and highly modified ones still have a role to play.

What a romp of regicide, imperil intrigue, sleuthing, and finally a battle scene any marvel superhero would be scared to engage in!

Another fun and thought provoking idea of what humanity could have in store.

NickReviewing books ,

Very creative

This was my favorite Bank's book. Very unique characters and species. Very interesting plot with one of the best endings I've encountered.

Oort ,

My Intro and Still Favorite

This book was my intro to Banks and still is my favorite book from him. The science fiction constructs he created and fleshed out herein bring back the shiny newness of reading science fiction in my youth.

Specifically, this book reminds me of my earlier experience with the mind stretching nature of concepts created by Asimov in the Foundation Trilogy (an all time favorite) paired with solid and contemporary action and compelling characters.

Ultimately this book spun up my desire to read more from Banks and to keep getting that hit of stretching that good SciFi does so well.

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