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Maurice on the Moon is the story of a boy growing up in a frontier mining colony on the Moon. Maurice’s parents have fled the Earth dreaming of citizenship and a better life, but Maurice hates the Moon and dreams of leaving it forever. More than anything, Maurice wants to get to Earth, an impossible planet where the air is free and water falls from the sky! However, leaving home isn’t as easy as it seems, and paradise doesn’t always keep its promises! Interactive edition includes full text, quizzes, pop-up glossary, animated interactive science modules, science activities, and on-line support. Kids have been enjoying the Maurice series at home, on vacation, and everywhere else.

The interactive edition comes with full teacher (and parent) support for those that want it. The edition includes a full 4-6 week curriculum, and meets all national and state science standards for a unit on the Earth-Moon system. The award-winning book and curriculum have been clinically tested and shown to increase student scores on standards-based exams. Curriculum is scalable for multiple grade and difficulty levels. Full support for teachers and home school parents in the book and online at www.mauriceonthemoon.com

July 9
Funderstanding LLC
Funderstanding LLC
Grades 5-9

Customer Reviews

Samak1 ,

Excellent blend of real science and adventure story for kids

I bought this book awhile back. I had already seen the plain paperback version but I was curious about this new interactive textbook version to see if they had much more for my kids. For the price, it was a no-brainer. I gotta admit that I see so much potential in these types of digital textbooks. This version had 3 things that I thought were very valuable. 1) Interactive content. There were a few things that my kids could play with to learn about concepts like gravity and moon phases. They are very simple but in a good way. 2) Huge glossary. It's one thing to be able to click on a word and go to a dictionary or a wiki page but this glossary was huge and had a lot of words that related specifically to the book. 3) The quizzes at the end of chapter with instant answer check. Some of the stuff is related more towards educators but I liked a bunch of the activities. I could sit with my kids and do them. The range of difficulty varied which was good. Of course, probably the most important thing is that it's a good story for kids. My kids loved it. Hopefully, the author will do an interactive version of his second book.

holsteinl ,

Wonderful Find!

I sat down to read this with my two younger cousins, fully prepared to suffer through another "see Spot run" kind of book. I have to admit, I enjoyed the book just as much as my cousins did! The story is cute and engaging; I was happy to see a strong male and female protagonist. The best parts were definitely the interactive portions. My cousins loved playing the little games on my iPad. Would definitely recommend this book for anyone trying to trick kids into learning!

Caring Educator ,


I bought this book when it was first published, and my son and I both loved it! The storyline is captivating, fun and educational. When I saw the interactive version on iTunes I immediately purchased it, and I can hardly wait to share it with my students. Dr. Barth has integrated amazing interactive features with the story that support science standards, and has provided relevant science activities that are cost effective and simple to do. Thank you Dr. Barth for providing this wonderful resource to enhance our knowledge of science in a way that is cool!