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This book is the first book of the series Diary of A Chinese Girl. It tells a heartwarming story of the girl spending her summer days with her first cousin, whose parents were divorced and who was initially selfish, mean, bossy and lazy, but gradually changed to a nicer girl due to the games they played. The author of the book is a 11-year-old girl, who is gifted with story telling and writing.

Book Excerpt

Well, so I got here. I arrived. So, did May. She got here this afternoon. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her step-mother and dad. She’s only seven, so I don’t think she actually understands ‘divorcing’. But it’s better that way. She’s not sad, scared or hurt in any way.
When she first got here, she acted just like Grandma said. But pretty soon, she got used to having me (Plus so many others) in the house and became more tolerable.
A while earlier we had been visiting Gran’s momdad and Grandpa’s momdad. I tried to imagine what would off happened if we had May. She might throw a fit at been stuck in a room with so many adults
Anyway, after she came we all piled into my uncle’s car and took off to Wangfangdian Lake. There we had lots of fun throwing stones down the big slope of the damp and watching it go into the murky, stagnant pond below.
At first May was bored, very bored, very bored indeed. If I hadn’t invented the stone throwing game, would the afternoon have gone the way it did? But did anyone bother to thank me? No, of course not. But I didn’t need thanks. No I didn’t.
Well, I’m feeling tired, more on the subject tomorrow if nothing exciting happens.

August 31
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