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A tarnished Russian genius. A blinded CFO. A shocking interview that opens more than Jack's eyes...

He’s rugged, rebellious, stubborn, relentless with his work as CFO of the airline that he and his brothers run, and he’s a genius. Jack Ford has thumbed his nose at his four brothers for falling in love and getting married seemingly at the drop of a hat, swearing that he’ll never marry; that he’s a born bachelor and that he intends to stay that way, putting his work front and center always. He’s sworn that he won’t catch the same marrying bug that has caught the other four siblings…until a sweet, troubled young Russian girl waltzes into his life…and her sister, too.

Kristina and Yolanda have seen their share of trouble. Being born in Russia and raised in more than one home, they’ve struggled in ways that most haven’t. Still sharing a bed in their twenties, these girls have stuck together through thick and thin. Through the horror and life altering choices that they’ve had to make to stay alive, these sisters protect each other from everything, including those who have threatened to take what little they have together away. So when Kristina meets Jack Ford, will her younger sister Yolanda let him get close to her, or will she protect her from the only person she has left in life?

During an interview, in the five shocking minutes that he’s alone with Kristina, Jack learns something horrifying about her that changes the way he looks at the young Russian girl, and women, forever. He makes a choice and his brothers don’t support what he wants to do and at times, Jack questions his own actions. Until one night when he has no choice in the matter and the tables turn…Jack needs Kristina’s help. And she’s the only one who can help him.

A powerful, unexpected, tumultuous love story that will heat up your ereader! Jack and Kristina’s story is the final book in the Ford Brothers Series, and this series is going out with a bang! These sizzling love stories will knock your socks off! Pick up your copy today!

February 1
Sandra Alex
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