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Maya Awakens is an illustrated eco-feminist parable told through the dreamtime adventures of Maya, a Cairn terrier, Seamus, a Shih Tzu, and Tessa, a yellow-eyed cat. Upon passing through the crack between the worlds, the trio encounters Mother Gaia, who charges them to recover her lost veil. Their quest through an Alice-In-Wonderland-like landscape created with special-effects photographs is supported by a host of other fantastical animals. Perseverance, compassion, and teamwork enable the trio to overcome the obstacles in their path and finally return home -- tired, as one might expect -- but also mindful evermore -- or, at least until the next trip to dreamtime. Maya Awakens makes a sincere contribution to the growing collection of artistic efforts intended to promote awareness and improve the care of our planet and all the living things on it.

Young Adult
November 22
StillPoint Schoolhouse LLC
StillPoint Schoolhouse LLC

Customer Reviews

Veggie53 ,


Maya Awakens sends a powerful message to the reader of the importance of daily mindfulness, the greater community we live within and the care and love we need to bring to it in order to survive. The adorable story tellers remain ever hopeful and optimistic in the face of challenges they must overcome. The photography is so beautiful with an ethereal quality that compliments the narrative wonderfully. A must read for all ages!

AndreaBBeaman ,

Fantasical Journey to Higher Consciousness

This is a must read for animal lovers who have ever wondered what thier pets are thinking and dreaming about. The pictures are stunningly beautiful, and the story is ripe with lessons for us humans, as we journey together toward Maya’s awakening.

Bluegardenia4 ,

Maya Awakens

“Maya Awakens makes a sincere contribution to the growing collection of artistic efforts intended to promote awareness and improve the care of our planet and all the living things on it.” ~Deb Lowenburg

“Delia Quigley has masterfully crafted a modern parable that explores environmental concerns in an intimate and mystical fashion. MAYA AWAKENS is a visually stunning journey to the essence of enlightenment.” ~Margaret Schiller

“A thoroughly spellbinding and enlightening adventure following two small doggies, Maya, a cairn terrier and Seamus, a Shih Tzu. Lost in dreamtime they must journey through the “crack between the worlds” to awaken from the nightmare. Stunning graphics and a beautiful, educational read for every age. ~Lorraine Fasano

"A beautiful picture book, with a life lesson”. ~Carolyn Green

“I loved this book. It’s a fun fantasy story with its beautiful, colorful pictures of 2 dogs and a cat who on their dreamtime journey unveil the illusion of what they believe to be real, and discover their own truths. It’s witty, fun, and very insightful. This book is suitable for all ages. For kids its a fun tale of two dogs on a journey in a fantasy land. For adults and teens it makes us think about our own delusional illusions and shows us that if we open ourselves to the divine feminine within, we can understand the lessons of her love”.
~Denise Kay

Maya Awakens is a treasure trove, anyone who reads this book has found a cozy corner for a short time. It was  retreat for my mind and a dialogue with the feminine spirit. The photographs are vivid, glorious and a prism of delights. This marvelous tale of friendship between Maya and Seamus, two little dogs brings to mind our own experiences with love, honor and loyalty. This book was a moment of self-discovery, mindfulness & contemplation, a gift to myself. I encourage others to dive into "the crack between the worlds" and draw closer to nature and the realities of this life. Thank you!!
~Pat Fenda

I loved Maya Awakens!  I was so captivated from beginning to end. The imagery is amazing.  The symbolisms, lessons, voices of Maya and Seamus and the simplicity of the language convey a super deep message for many. What a gift! ~Cassie Cuppeck

What a beautiful book! The photos are just gorgeous and made me just fall in love with the little fur stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~Debra Fernandez

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