Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side

Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side

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    • $2.99

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The honest, entertaining and brilliantly relatable Sunday Times bestseller.

Kate Lawler has never been maternal. And yet here she is: mother to Noa, after years of going back and forth about having children at all. This is the story of her journey from parentally undecided to early motherhood, via raging hormones, sleepless nights, emergency hospital trips, mum guilt, unspoken regrets and post-natal depression.

This book is not a parenting manual. It won't tell you what to pack in your hospital bag, or how to get your baby to sleep. It may not help you with feeding or dealing with tantrums. But it will show you that you're not alone - and that it's perfectly possible, and maybe even normal, to love your child with all of your heart while also feeling lost, alone and resentful.

Whether you're an expectant parent, a new parent, firmly in the thick of it, or still parentally undecided, this book is for you, as Kate writes honestly and hilariously about the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth and early parenting, as well as the impact of a new baby on relationships, your sense of self and everything in between. It's a book that, with Kate's usual candour and wit, will help mums and dads everywhere feel seen - and completely understood.

'Wow what a read! I love it. Kate's honest, open, funny account of motherhood with all its highs and lows is a breath of fresh air and relatable for so many.' Gemma Atkinson

'Honest, brave and relatable mixed with humour. Kate, you've nailed it. Whether you are an expectant parent or simply not sure, Maybe Baby will give you tears and laughter - both in equal measures!' Frankie Bridge

'Maybe Baby is beautifully honest, open and brilliant. Full of humorous anecdotes, Kate has written a book for the EVERY-woman - those wanting children, those not, and those who are indecisively on the fence about the whole thing. Kate sharing her experiences, especially with PND, will help open up important conversations and support so many going through a similar situation.' Giovanna Fletcher

'This isn't just another mum book. Raw, honest, brutally funny, Kate has nailed the highs, lows, peaks and troughs of this rollercoaster of a parental ride.' Anna Whitehouse

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March 24
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