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A lady once had a monkey which had been brought to her from South America, as a present. This monkey, like all others, was very mischievous, and fond of imitating whatever he saw. 3. His mistress found him one day sitting on, her toilet table, holding in one hand a little china mug with water in it, and in the other her tooth brush, with which he was cleaning his teeth, looking all the time in the glass. 4. Her little daughter Maria, had a large doll, with a very handsome head and face. She one day left this doll in the cradle, and went out of the room. The monkey came in, took the doll in his arms, and jumping upon the washing stand, proceeded to wash its face. 5. He first rubbed it all over with a great quantity of soap; then seizing the towel, he dipped it in the wash bowl, and rubbed it so hard that the doll's face was entirely spoiled, the paint being all washed off. 6. The monkey would sometimes take a fan and fan himself, and once he was found walking up and down the garden, carrying over his head a little parasol, belonging to one of the children. 7. The lady, going one day into her room, saw her new Leghorn Hat walking about the floor. She was at first much surprised, but in a moment she discovered that the monkey was under it. He had taken it out of the band-box, and putting it on his head, it of course fell all over him. 8. He was very much frightened when he heard his mistress coming into the room, and in trying to get the hat off, he tumbled over it and rolled on the floor, entangled in the ribins, which were quite spoiled. The hat also was very much broken and injured.

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