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Welcome to the famed resort, The Hathaway at Dragonfly Beach, where newlyweds come to honeymoon, where anniversary couples celebrate milestones, and where broken hearts find a place to heal.

Jilted bride Audra Montgomery wants to reset her life at the famed resort, The Hathaway at Dragonfly Beach. A good girl for far too long, Audra has penned a list of must-do experiences she’s sure will change her. When the hotel’s maintenance guy, a “Mr. Jones,” knocks on her door, she wonders if the sexy handyman might just come in handy when enacting some of the spicier items on her agenda.

Kane Hathaway, general manager of the resort, didn’t set out to deceive his guest when he performed a minor repair. But it’s freeing to imagine life without the responsibilities of the family business. Then there’s the whole “Heartbreak Hotel” designation—cynical Kane doesn’t believe for a minute that a stay on site can heal the wounds left by bad romance. But every moment in Audra’s company sparkles with magic—can this be love?

July 17
Christie Ridgway
Christie Ridgway

Customer Reviews

Luna Vaz ,


I love this book with the take charge moments of Audra.

xiotisa00 ,


Audra Montgomery is the jilted bride we met in book one of the series. Kane Hathaway is the manager of the Hathaway hotel that Audra is staying at. Kane doesn’t believe he deserves love and Audra can’t seem to get out of her head and back to the real world. That is until Kane has to step in to fix some leaks in a few of the bungalows, one of which is Audra’s. Kane’s arrival to Audra’s room jump starts her return to world. I couldn’t put this book down and at the same time didn’t want to finish it. Loved this book. It’s always fun to watch the perpetual bachelors fall in love. Another great read from Christie Ridgeway

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