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Kouki has found himself reborn, together with many of his past-life memories, in an alternate version of Japan. 

“There’s are no magic or elves?! Then what’s the point of being reborn in another world?” It seems a little disappointing at first, but somehow his childhood sketches inspire his mother to develop a revolutionary new theory that changes the world forever. This sets into motion a series of misunderstandings that has everyone believing that Kouki is the real genius behind all of the incredible new technology that his mother is rapidly developing.

As a result of his apparent genius, Kouki is forced to give up on his peaceful school life to attend the International Science and Technology Academy, where he meets a beautiful Canadian girl called Alice Alford, a robotics engineer named Shingo Saitou, and an expert on space exploration named Megumi Aikawa. Surely, he can’t still continue being mistaken for a genius while surrounded by these real geniuses?! 

Every time Kouki uses his knowledge from his past life, it causes a new misunderstanding, and his ordinary life is gradually turning into an extraordinary life.

Kouki can’t help but go from one misunderstanding to another in this insane sci-fi comedy!!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 5
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

ArcticShark ,


Page 38 is blank.

Sairim ,

Good book and I have my own theories on the MC

Although the final arc of this story wasn’t exactly the type of ending I’d like in a volume 1, it wasn’t bad all together. I found that while the main character’s exploits were satisfying to read about, it seemed the reactions of others nearby him were a bit too unnatural. And with the main character in mind, I do have my own theories about how his reincarnation may of landed him in a mentally ill body, where his internal thoughts and external actions have a filter on them. Or perhaps the world functions with different rules than his original one, thus the inconsistencies between POV’s and his behavior

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