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Hailed by Christie Craig as “a witty new voice in contemporary romance,” Maggie McGinnis takes readers back to Montana’s sexiest dude ranch, where anyone can start over, and falling in love is just a beautiful twist of fate.

At twenty-eight, Shelby Quinn’s already a has-been. Scooped off a country stage at sixteen and remolded into glittery pop princess Tara Gibson, she toured the country for a decade, playing to sold-out stadiums while slowly losing her soul. Now her sales are waning, and when her beloved father dies in a fiery plane crash, she finally comes apart at the seams. Alone and brokenhearted, she hides away at Whisper Creek Ranch, never expecting to meet a man who understands her in a way no one else ever has.

Cooper Davis was one of Boston’s top detectives—until a bogus investigation cost him his badge, his family, and almost his life. Now he’s wrangling horses and guests at Whisper Creek Ranch, while keeping one eye firmly on a super-secret VIP holed up in a private cabin—a beautiful, soulful singer who knows what it’s like to lose everything. Cooper and Shelby both have ample reason to guard their hearts. But if they can learn to trust each other, something magical awaits them under the big skies and bright stars.

Maggie McGinnis’s sweetly sensual Whisper Creek novels can be read together or separately:

Praise for Meant to Be

“One of my go-to authors for contemporary romance. . . . She knows how to entertain readers with a story that provides plenty of emotion, witty banter and a hot romance that does justice to the couple’s strong chemistry.”—Harlequin Junkie (top pick)
“McGinnis made me fall in love with cowboys from the very first book, but an ex-cop turned cowboy? Well, the hotness scale tips dangerously toward love at first sight (or page?). Add the love for country music and the fact that he plays the guitar and, well, I’m a goner.”—Roberta’s Dream World
“Sweet and emotional . . . I have loved every book in this series, but there was something extra special about Meant to Be, making it a fast favorite in this series.”—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
“For those readers who prefer romantic yet clean romance stories, this is an adorably sweet, wholesome read worth one’s time. . . . Another wonderful addition to a charming series featuring hot cowboys and the spunky heroines they fall in love with.”RT Book Reviews

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

March 14
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Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Shelby and Cooper

Loved, loved, loved this novel! This is the first Maggie McGinnis novel I've read and I can't wait to go back and read the other novels in the series. I enjoyed the interaction between all the characters, the witty banter, the "super detective abilities", everything really!

Shelby, aka Tara, is a "washed up" pop star who's father has passed away. Her father was her WORLD and she doesn't know how she'll go on without him. She's twenty-eight years old, doesn't have any friends, doesn't know how to cook, and has someone who has made EVERY decision for her over the last twelve years. She's so "lost", she doesn't even recognize herself anymore. Her assistant thinks she's on the verge of a breakdown, so she sends her away to Montana's Whiskey Creek Ranch for a month to lay low. While there, she meets Cooper.

Cooper came to the ranch to escape his own troubles back home. Cooper, an ex Boston cop, was framed for heinous crimes. He was acquitted, but his reputation was ruined in the process. Cooper is given the job of "watching over" their celebrity guest. No one knows who she is--just know she's a celebrity of some sort. Cooper spends most of the first couple of weeks just getting Shelby to get out of her cabin to enjoy the ranch. After spending more time with her, he realizes his preconceived notions on celebrities is unfounded. He doesn't see her as a spoiled star, but as someone who's experienced great pain in her short life and not a lot of love. Can Cooper help Shelby find herself?

This novel was funny, witty, sad, and happy. The loss of a parent is devastating, but losing yourself so that you hopefully please everyone is extremely sad. Our experiences help shape us and make us who we are. This novel embraced "taking control" of one's life and making yourself happy. While at the ranch, Shelby made friends, began writing music again, sang without all the bells and whistles, and found her HEA. She even befriended a cute piglet! Cooper also realized his life was better with Shelby in it. While he loved being a cop, he found that his job didn't need to be his main focus. I highly recommend this novel! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

pegg12 ,

Light, Captivating & Thoroughly Enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet, captivating romance.
There was something special about Montana’s Whisper Creek Ranch that made folks, especially broken ones, want to stay on indefinitely. The abundance of fresh air, horses, and easy friendships soothed hurting and damaged hearts, like a healing balm.

Pop singer Shelby Quinn, aka Tara Gibson, was devastated by the sudden death of her father. Shelby’s manager insisted that she take a month off to rest and grieve. At first, Shelby hated the idea of being sent to Whisper Creek Ranch, a place in the middle of nowhere. But, then she met the charming, Cooper Davis, an ex-cop, turned cowboy and that changed everything.

Cooper was not pleased with his new assignment of playing a bodyguard, incognito, to a spoiled rich VIP. It didn’t take long, though, for Cooper to not only start enjoying his time with Shelby Quinn but to begin falling in love with her, as well. Cooper, however, had a shameful secret that if exposed, he knew, would send the beautiful pop singer running.

This well-written tale with lovable characters and realistic dialogue kept me engrossed from the very beginning until the last page. This is the first book I have read by Maggie McGinnis, but it won’t be my last.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

Ayekah ,

Love Rules

Where have I been and how did I miss this series before now? Sigh... better late than never.
I have catching up to do in the series. 4.5 stars from me.

Story starts off with Shelby over her head in grief at the loss of her beloved father who died in a plane crash. Shelby is a "pop star" because that's what the record label turned her into at a young age, she's got one more album to complete her contract and her heart isn't in it and hasn't been. Raised by her singer/songwriter famous Daddy, they travelled the country on a bus, singing songs and living life. Shelby has some wonderful memories. She knows she sold out and with the death of her father, it weighs heavily. Her manager (ugh), I'm going to call her that.. because I didn't like her and thankfully she isn't a predominant character, sends Shelby off for a month to recoup. She's supposed to be incognito. Away from cameras, press and the pap's. She sends her to Whisper Creek Ranch.
Kyla who runs WC taps Decker to kind of keep his eye on this mystery woman they are getting. They don't know who she is and she's going by her real name Shelby. Not her stage name. Kyla sticks Decker in the cabin next to Shelby. Cooper is an ex cop who literally lost his job, family and reputation because of a case he investigated. Looking for a soft place to land, he ended up here in the middle of Montana. Wrangling horses and breathing in the fresh air.

Decker tries to draw her out, she's still shut up in her cabin most days, even with the gals on the ranch who draw to draw her out, it's the onsite Vet and a runt piglet that brings Shelby around. The piglet and Decker. That and a trip to town to the music store that gets Shelby in the backroom alone and she picks up a guitar and plays one of her Dad's song, recognized by the shop owner. Decker talks Shelby into doing an open mic night, Decker can hold his own with a guitar too and sing. She relents and they sing one together.

Shelby is doing better, Decker tells her about his problems back home, and he has to leave the ranch and return to Boston for legal reasons. What transpires here leaves her hurt and feeling helpless.
The girls at the ranch try to help, meanwhile her month is winding down. Things hit the fan at the record label and Shelby returns a week early, ready to get this last leg of her tour over with so she can start her own life... her life. Not the record label. So what happens that Shelby is called back? What happens with Decker and the huge legal problems? Will they see each other again? All for you to find out when you read this book.

I loved this story. Loved it. Loved the dialogue between Decker and Shelby, it's raw and honest. She's grieving. Rightfully so. I felt like her grief was portrayed in a realistic way. The story flowed well, and focuses around the two of them. I like that in a book like this. The little twists and turns, all made this book just a cut above the rest. Ranch residents, like Kyla are there but are in the background, but not invisible. I loved them too. And the piglet!!
My one big regret here is I didn't know about this series sooner and I will back read the other books.

Maggie McGinnis is a new author to me but she's certainly going to be on my to read list.
Thank you Maggie!!! Great book!!!

**arc from NetGalley and Loveswept in exchange for a fair review**

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