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​“This book uses diverse methods in a range of different contexts to research a pressing problem of our time – how to support the wellbeing of the elderly. It is essential reading for anyone working in this field.” 
-- Paul Dalziel, Professor of Economics, Lincoln University, New Zealand.

How can we be happier, healthier and more satisfied in life? This edited collection examines various dimensions of wellbeing among older people, including its measurement; social, environmental and economic determinants; and how research can be translated into policy to improve quality of life for older people. 

With an increasingly ageing population across countries and an increasing population of older adults, there is growing interest in improving older people’s ability to live healthily and happily. With a focus on retirement and aged care, this book is important reading for those interested in Welfare Economics, Health Economics and Development.

Sefa Awaworyi Churchill is an Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow with the School of Economics, Finance & Marketing at RMIT University, Australia. He holds a PhD in Economics from Monash University. His inter- disciplinary research focuses on development economics, addictive behavior, ethnic diversity, wellbeing, and other issues related to sociology, health and economics. He has experience working on consultancy projects for various policy agencies and international development organizations.

Lisa Farrell is Professor and Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation) in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, Australia. Her research field is in the area of applied microeconomics, with a particular focus on important contemporary social issues such as subjective wellbeing, decision making under uncertainty and lifestyle choice behaviours. 

Samuelson Appau is Lecturer in Marketing in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, Australia. His research focuses on how factors such as poverty, religion and social processes and structures impact consumer wellbeing.

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March 20
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