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He was in his Montreal apartment with a woman. He had made the apartment meticulously nut free. Nuts were a deadly poison to him, he was anaphylactic. The woman knew it. They were drinking wine. Then it happened. Suspecting the worst, he jabbed himself with EpiPen, an antidote, and rushed to the ER minutes away. He was a doctor, he could articulate the urgency. Yet, two hour later, he lay on an ICU bed near death, dying. Irony, he was scheduled to work in the same hospital the following morning.

What happened to Bobby? That was the question. Who were telling the truth? The doctors? Nurses? Hospitals? His friend? Not one person was forthcoming. A massive hunt uncovered the truth. But then what happened in the end? Who won? Bobby? The doctors? The hospitals? What? None of them? Then who? The woman? Did her truth corroborate with the evidence?

Now, would a doctor write a book about this? Not if he wants to keep his job. Lawyers? Nah, they make money from all sides! But an engineer outside the bubble of the medical-legal system would. After all, the doctor was his son!

Medical Malady is a survival story. It shows the good, the bad, and the ugly side of our medical-legal system; note: the system. It is not intended to demonize our doctors, nurses, or specialists—granted that there are those who need more training than others—but to help them and their patients, through this story, to be acutely aware and be mindful of simple mistakes that happen daily, mistakes that can have profound long term effect in lives of real people and real families. It could happen to you, or to anyone, including those in healthcare profession. After all, a doctor is a patient in waiting. Time and sickness do not play favorite.

A rare group of publishing professionals helped publish Medical Malady: Survival in a Minefield of Medical Mistakes. What does this book have to do with your healthcare? Everything! Read it. Share it with someone special. Find out what happens in your medical system when things go wrong in treatment of someone you love.

Professional & Technical
November 7
Prad Chaudhuri