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When you think about the concepts of medicine and healing, the first thing that you should probably think of is going to the doctor and asking for prescription medication to help you feel all better. And while this is worldwide practice, there are still better and all natural ways to really make you reach the peak of your health in no time. “Medicinal Herbs and Remedies: A Beginner's Guide to Learning Which Plants to Grow and Use in Healing” aims to enlighten readers about the wonderful world of medicinal herbs and their benefits.

Getting rid of a simple cold or curing pesky allergies does not always require a trip to the hospital, getting painful shots and swallowing bitter pills. You can simply go to your garden and find which herbs can be used for your condition and prepare them accordingly.

 With the help of the book, you will be able to:
Learn more about the different plants (herbs, shrubs and even trees) that could be used for healing.Understand and practice how to choose which plants you should consider nurturing as well as,Discover which plants can be used to heal specific diseases.Find out the benefits of using natural and organic herbs for medicineLearn easy ways to utilize these medicinal herbs through the book’s step by step guide.  
Altogether, the guides, trivial information and other practices should be able to entice you to take up herb gardening, not just for your health, but also for the sake of your family’s health.

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February 14
Guava Books
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