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A compilation of  short stories and novelettes written by Rollin Hand and previously published in other eBooks represents a terrific value for those who like spanking stories in medieval and historical settings. At over 54,000 words, this collection serves up ten tales of voluptuous spanking chastisement meted out by stalwart knights to fair damsels and naughty ladies. Bare bottom spankings, birchings, switchings, and strappings, both in intimate and public settings, abound in this compendium, set in days of old when knights were bold and the price of disobedience by a lady, whether princess or commoner, was often a well-deserved trip across a manly knee. In this volume are tales of adventure and derring do, tender romance, whimsy and humor. Also included are extended excerpts from novels by Jordan St. John, Rollin’s alter ego in the spanking romance genre.

The stories are:

From “The Romance of Spanking” series:

A Princess of Vernonia – A king orders the princess to be punished for fighting – by the very man who taught her to fight.


The Legend of Sophia the Fair – A princess submits to a humiliating punishment in order to save her people.


The Princess’ Tutor – A haughty princess learns first hand how to impose discipline in her household.

From “Spanking Times Eleven”:

Fairy Tale – a fractured fairy tale of a dragon, brave knights, and the tears of the king’s three daughters.

From “Spanking Times Seven” :

  Kingsbridge 1337 – A story of justice meted out in the middle ages at the end of a lash.

From “Naughty Wives, Vol. 2” :

Lady Ashley’s Penance – A wife obeys her husband’s command to present herself to a dreaded whipmaster for correction.

From “Anne of Wulfstedt and Other Stories” :

Anne of Wulfstedt – The ward of the crown prince meddles in politics and pays the price when a mistaken identity escape plan goes awry.

From “Tumalo Bend and Lady Jayne” :

Lady Jayne – Two ladies of noble birth are saved from folly and taught some valuable lessons by two rugged knights.

From “Pendragon’s Lash” by Jordan St. John

Incident at the Hot Spring – The ladies of a wedding party learn it is best to obey the prince when he lays down the rules.

From “The Princess and the Rogue” by Jordan St. John

A Princess’s Chastisement – Just because you are the daughter of the king, does not mean you can disobey your husband without consequence.

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