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An Astonishing Comprehensive Mediterranean Diet Guide for beginners28-day Mediterranean Meal Plan with nutritional facts, designed for those willing to start this proven diet for the first time.A Mediterranean Diet Cookbook with 17 Breakfast, 24 Lunches, and 19 Dinners explained step by step and illustrated with nutritional facts.An introduction to the enormous positive impact that this diet has on several disease such as diabetes, hearth diseases and obesity.A sample of a well thought shopping list for when you decide to follow this incredible diet.

What if you could diet without feeling as if you are dieting? Would you?
If your answer is yes, then the Mediterranean diet for beginners is the one for you.

On this diet, you do not have to give up any of the foods you love. You just have to learn how to make them healthier and well balanced. On this diet, you can turn any meal around with a few adjustments!

While on the Mediterranean diet, you will learn how to balance your diet, which will balance other things in your life. This diet will enhance your:
Memorialization skillsSense of smell thanks to the amazing aroma's put out with each and every mealVision due to all the wonderful colors blended into each and every mealSense of taste, as each bite is sure to be bursting with flavor!Sense of touch because every meal is prepared fresh and by you!
For anyone who is not looking to lose weight but is trying to take back control of his or her life, this is also the diet for you!

This diet has helped many people who have health problems take control of those issues! The Mediterranean diet has been proven to help decrease the risk factors for the following diseases and health problems:
DiabetesCardiovascular DiseaseObesityDifferent Types of CancerFertility IssuesAnd Many More!
This diet has also proven to keep you looking young and feeling agile! Who doesn't want that?

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Cookbooks, Food & Wine
August 9
Amber Marino
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mario Wilson556 ,

Easy Applied.

I'm excited to try these recipes, but.. there are no pictures at all. That bugs me! Just give me a couple shots of the finished product! The food sounds good though and recipes are simple. I'm sure I'll get good use out of this.

RobertFranklin303 ,

Best book.

Great book for food that tastes good and is healthy. I am a competitive bodybuilder and needed new recipes that still allowed me to stay on a training diet.

fread 52 ,

Full of benefits .

I'm a cook, and I can tell this book is one of the best I've encountered so far. Everything is so well explained and simple to reproduce that you don't have to worry about how? what? when? You're enjoying the process of making some of the most delicious food on the Earth.

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