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Nine more fantastic children's books, all rolled into one. Perfect for bedtime! Over 300 pages in all.


1. Brainy Bird - It's time to get off the couch and have some fun! Leave your cell phones behind and get outside. There's nothing better than playing sports with your friends. Live life, feel great, and you'll be a winner every time!

2. Froggy Dearest - One fine day, you come across the frog of your dreams. Soft spoken and ever courteous, you've never met a creature quite so charming. But tread carefully, for this frog has quite a secret to share!

3. Baby Blue - Simple, delightful and utterly cute, this picture book celebrates the tender years of childhood. Feel the love resonate from the pages!

4. Eggtastic - Spring is just around the corner and it's time to see what the Easter Bunny is up to. This year he's enlisted some help, and it's an odd choice at that. What is that clever rabbit up to and what is he really planning? Find out in this humorous picture book!

5. Little Chickadee - After months of loneliness, a little chickadee realizes that he misses someone in particular. He writes constantly and waits for her return, but time slowly trickles by with no end in sight. There's something he's been meaning to tell her--something very, very special. Will he get the chance?

6. Happy - Happy for what each new day brings. Happy to listen to the birds sing. Happy to go to school, make new friends, and swim in the pool. Yes, it’s true. I’m so very, very happy, especially when I’m with you.

7. The Penguin Way - Look deep inside. You have what it takes. It's within you, as long as you believe in yourself and don't give up. That is the penguin way. Leave your doubts at the door. You shall succeed!

8. Who Wants to be a Robot - The off-world planet of Infinim, which promises a heavenly and eternal existence for its society of robots, is now taking applications. Although one of its applicants is older and not quite as quick as he used to be, does he have what it takes to be accepted? Figure out who he is before the story's end in this clever children's picture book.

9. Taming Your Pet Monster: An Operational Guide - The craziest user guide you'll ever read! Written for mommies and daddies just as much as their children, Taming Your Pet Monster is filled with laugh-out-loud humor and bizarre situations. Witty, colorful and unique, this is one wacky ride you'll never forget!

Descriptions of my other popular children's books are included after the main features (an additional 5 pages).

BONUS: Pigtastic Pig and the Golden Egg is also included in this mega volume!

November 1
S.E. Gordon
Scott Gordon

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