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With Nick Menza behind the kit, Megadeth transitioned from celebrated cult band to international superstars. Rust in Peace, the first album to feature Menza and Marty Friedman, was instantly considered a classic, sold over a million copies, got nominated for a Grammy Award, and established what many consider to be the definitive Megadeth lineup. It was the beginning of a remarkable run in which the band would release three career-defining albums and tour the world many times over.

Success was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows: sobriety and addiction, peace and tension, laughter and anger. Until one day it all came crashing down. Despite his contributions to the band’s most iconic and enduring work, when Menza was forced to seek treatment for a debilitating tumor in his knee, he awoke from surgery to learn he was being fired from the band by the man he considered a brother and mentor, the ever-enigmatic Dave Mustaine. The devastating news sent him into a spiral of anger and frustration, followed by a dark period of self-medication that nearly killed him.

Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza is an unflinching look at life inside of one of metal’s most successful bands, from the back of the stage to the bunks on the bus, as well as a blow-by-blow account of the tumultuous, complicated relationship between Menza and Mustaine. It is also the singular story of a self-taught musician who achieved his dreams through sheer will and determination, watched it all disintegrate, and then rebuilt himself from scratch.

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December 11
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Customer Reviews

Thoreid ,

Great book-Nice balanced story

Really well written book with a little bit of everything. Good insight to his experience with Megadeth while balancing it very well with Nick’s life and family. Nick shares a lot about himself, music and his musicianship. I felt Nick opened up and you can really feel how he wanted to share with his fans. He spends a section talking about his musical style, gear and advice for new musicians. He also shared his life challenges/experiences for good or bad.
When Nick played a song he could make it better with his passion and honesty which you could hear through his playing. This book felt the same way.

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