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"Memoirs In The Moment" tells of the daily walk with PTSD, the intersection between service to others and the impact of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the life of one service member who served at Beirut, Lebanon. It represents an honest look at the motivations, thoughts, and perspectives that challenge Mr. Habi daily, and how he has learned to manage his PTSD.

The manuscript plots the trajectory of Mr. Habi's life from birth to the present day, illuminating life before PTSD, and how PTSD has impacted his life (and perspective) post Beirut, Lebanon.

At 6:22 a.m. on 23 October 1983, the United States lost 241 Service members to a terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. In all, a total of 272 lives were lost as a result of the bombing, impacting countless families across America. (Short ABC News Article)

Service members, their families and loved ones will never forget that day. They live in celebration of the greatness that was witnessed in the face of great tragedy, and they are committed to making sure their stories are never forgotten.

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May 1
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The Habi Group, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Chigo Nwagboso ,

A must read/must share book

4 out of 4 stars

We try so hard to achieve our goals and maintain healthy relationships, but sometimes they seem hard to accomplish. Have you ever thought that it could be due to PTSD? Most times, we are even ignorant of it or have failed to accept it. The author's story will help readers get help and lead an enjoyable life.

Memoirs In The Moment: The Daily Walk With PTSD by Dedoceo Habi seeks to inspire readers through the author's story. Dedoceo Habi recounts his journey from his childhood and the attachment he had with his mum. He was born in Savannah, Georgia, and coming from a poor background made him optimistic because he needed to change the narrative. At the age of seventeen, he joined the United States Marine Corps. In the course of service, he was called to go on a "Med Cruise" in Beirut. There, something tragic and traumatic happened, and it drained him mentally and emotionally. And that event marked the beginning of his nightmares. He experienced failed marriages and relationships, and he also couldn't hold down jobs. The question is, what was it he experienced that is on the verge of ruining his life, career, and beliefs? You should hear from the author.

Honestly, I must commend the author for his sincerity and transparency in sharing his story. And he intends to give hope to his readers who are suffering from PTSD and make them see that they aren't alone in it. I admired the author's intelligence and how detailed his story was. The amount of detail in this book is incredible and with much clarity. Using the first-person perspective made the narrations engaging, relatable, and seamless. I was immersed in his life experiences, and I got emotional at some point because the disappointments seemed too much for one person. Despite that, he refused to give up. That is the spirit of a survivor, and it's worth emulating. It got to a point where I wished I could advise him to quit trying on relationships since it wasn't working for him.

In addition, there are lots of lessons in this book. The author made us understand that the first step to healing is to accept that there is a problem that needs urgent attention. Then reach out and speak to a mental health practitioner earlier to curb damages and disappointments. I appreciate the author's message that consulting a therapist is not a sign of weakness. Readers would also learn how to manage PTSD by controlling the negative thoughts that could creep in even after treatment.

What I like most about this book are the pictures and dates of events recorded at the beginning of every chapter. They helped me connect to the author and his story deeply. I also liked that the author finally agreed to get help from therapy, which brought hope to his hopeless situation.

Furthermore, this 171-page book is concise, making it an easy read. Readers will appreciate the author's writing style, as it is simple, engaging, and straightforward. To conclude, the book was well-written, easy to assimilate, and worthwhile. I found nothing to dislike in this book. Interestingly, the book was exceptionally edited, and I didn't encounter any grammatical errors throughout my read. Hence, I am happy to give Memoirs In The Moment: The Daily Walk With PTSD a well-deserved 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy memoirs, especially those who have experienced twists and turns in their lives and find it difficult to make headway due to trauma.