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Yessica Reedy has learned to transition victimization and weakness into strength, but she’s not alone. 

Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer breaks the silence of abuse. She gives her experiences with boundaries as the door to domestic violence with her continued struggle with C-PTSD. Childhood sexual trauma and the gray areas of date rape are given with transparency. Her blunt force approach to mental health will take you through her battle with depression and suicide, and the steps she took to break the cycle. 

As a stay at home Mom, she learned to advocate for her children with autism. She helped families conceive as a 3 time surrogate mother, later suffering her own miscarriage. When her marriage ended, she learned what domestic violence was, after experiencing how it felt. She gives you the language of emotional and financial abuse. Her transition from a welfare mom in poverty, to becoming a businesswoman is a journey that she’s not alone in. 

Memoirs of a Warrior Dragon Slayer: There’s Room for More touches on many issues facing modern women with vulnerability, transparency and hope.

Yessica Reedy is a Warrior Dragon Slayer, but she's not alone. She shares her journey with sarcasm, light humor, brutal transparency. This is a memoir about resilience, resourcefulness and badassery.

Dogmatic patriarchy was part of her childhood and religious upbringing. This taught her to keep silent and defer to authority. She spent years being too nice, and too quiet because this was what a future wife should be. She's not alone.

When her husband left, she became a welfare mom. Through healing from abandonment and divorce, she uncovered a path to healing that walks through abuse, and depression. She shares her life as an autism mom, and surrogate mother. She shares her loss through miscarriage. Her empathy cuts through even narcissistic abuse with compassion.

Yessica Reedy will show you that the light at the end of the tunnel is a myth. The light is within, guiding you, no matter where the tunnel takes you. She's been called an "Alpha Woman," "Bulldozer," and "Badass." She's not alone and there's room for more.

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January 14
Yessica Reedy
Yessica Reedy