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<p>Memory of Desire is the first short story collection by the erotic author team of Julles Munsen and Blanca Cranston. This collection includes twelve tantalizing tales of fantasy and women&rsquo;s erotica. Featuring eleven M/F stories and one tale of multiple partners, Memory of Desire will have you recalling all of your fondest erotic moments. In the two-part story &ldquo;Officially an Adult&rdquo;, follow one young woman's dream of seducing her long-time crush; become caught up in the seductive mystery of &ldquo;The Bouquet at Nine&rdquo;; and enjoy the passion of Cullon and Cindy as they finally give in to their erotic urges. Julles Munsen and Blanca Cranston successfully weave together these enticing images and stories that will make your imagination run wild!

Burning Desire
This is a story of what you could say is a typical nymphomaniac. Tammy started to explore her body sexually at the tender age of 11 and it never stopped. However, she is not able to get all the pleasure she needs to sate her carnal desire.

Officially An Adult Part 1 -2
Two years ago, Alex rejected Emily, but today, she's not giving him the option. She is ready to show the man of her dreams that she can be her own cake and have him eat it, too.

The Bouquet At 9
Sandra is confused. Every night when she comes home, there are roses waiting for her. She doesn&rsquo;t know who they&rsquo;re from and she is intrigued. There was never a name on the card accompanying them. Just a line in praise for her body parts, different one each time and signed off as &lsquo;love&rsquo;.

That Girl On The Stairs
Darcy is an aspiring model who takes an interview in a mostly abandoned building. What starts out as a seemingly innocent job interview turns into a sexual encounter with strangers that Darcy fantasized about.

Without You
Liz and Mike have only been together for a short while. From the moment they met, they were immediately compatible.&nbsp; Now, they have to be separated for the first time since they got together. The wait is unbearable for both of them.

The Triple Trouble
Gigolo Jacob has an insatiable appetite for sex. Once he realizes that he's scheduled three of his hottest clients all for the same time, he figures that he's more than capable of keeping them all happy.

Love Of A Shadow
Written in first person, Love Of A Shadow describes a particularly juicy love scene, start to finish, between a man and a woman. The woman, however, is a mystery, as she seems to appear out of nowhere to seduce the guy and take him for all that he has to offer.

Dear Diary
Cullon has had a thing for his friend's sister Cindy for a long time. He's always considered her off limits. One night, Cullon at John's house, Cullon couldn&rsquo;t resist taking a peek in her room. The sight of her using a vibrator on herself while moaning Cullon&rsquo;s name was all the proof he needed to know that she thought of him as more than just a friend.

Love Bite
Just as I finished drying myself after being caught in the rain, the door bell rang. Standing there was the man I'd been secretly in love with for the past four years, bearing an enormous bunch of roses and a confession.

Memory Of A Night
Memory Of A Night is a story wherein a young man going on an overnight train ride to up-state New York to visit a close friend encounters a hot, steamy public sex on the train with two ladies.

The Mysterious Lover
She is a successful business woman living alone. A mysterious lover appears to her one night, and then continues to please her every night. She wakes up just as he apparently left her, satisfied and with vivid memories of herself enjoying every bit of his perfect existence.


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April 20

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