Memory Road Trip A Retrospective Travel Journey

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Publisher Description

This book is a hidden gem. Join debut author Krista Marson as she explores the world before she found herself grounded by the pandemic. 

MEMORY ROAD TRIP is a collection of travel stories ranging from the sublime to the surreal. The journey down memory road is a coming-of-age excursion into the past that takes armchair explorers on an odyssey of life, love, and loneliness. The writer philosophizes her way out of many philosophical conundrums throughout her worldly journeys, and many of her stories speak to the angst that simmers inside us all. Life itself is a journey of its own, and those who embark on a MEMORY ROAD TRIP will spend a large portion of it with a significant other. Book one of this series explores the author's tormented relationship as she relates many of her tales that span from the early '90s to the fall of the Twin Towers. 

The author's passion for nature, art, history, and architecture gush across the page, along with her contagious curiosity in life and her pragmatic acceptance of death. The writer does not shy away from her developing political and environmental musings, for traveling opens her eyes to see a fragile and connected world.

MEMORY ROAD TRIP is not only an adventurous journey to certain parts of the globe, but it is also an introspective and witty journey to the mysterious self. For as large as the world is, it has grown infinitely smaller, yet currently exists relatively out of reach. Travel, for the moment, is safer done mentally these days, so now's the time to go on a MEMORY ROAD TRIP with someone who knows the way.

Travel & Adventure
September 7
Krista Marson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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